Like millions of other people, I have always loved Tom Petty, and some of his songs, including I Won’t Back Down, formed a small cornerstone in my life when I was younger. So now, when I hear Lara Trump’s nasal voice singing her version of the song, it’s like someone scratching their nails down a chalkboard. The strength, the fire behind Petty’s original version, is absent in Lara Trump’s rendition. It’s an insult to the beloved rockstar who passed away WAY too young.

Folks on social media are also gobsmacked over Lara Trump’s rancid performance of this song at Mar-a-Lago and definitely had opinions. And Raw Story was here for it.

“I weep for tom petty,” wrote Mark Hamill.

Author Tara Dublin wrote: “Florence Foster Jerkins should take the $180K she’s paid to keep Eric away from his father and buy herself a soundproof box of wine to live in.”

I have to admit I didn’t know who Dublin was referring to, but she was referring to Florence Foster Jenkins, who was apparently a dreadful opera singer.

So yeah, Dublin has the right idea. A soundbox box of wine would be perfect for her and her obnoxious father-in-law Donald Trump. Even if he doesn’t drink.

Maybe that’s what is wrong with him.

Commentator Nora Rivers wisecracked that Mar-a-Lago is “like a Geriatric Prom on an endless loop.”

Rivers also made a good point. The video features a bunch of old farts rockin’ out to Petty’s song. It would be a good place for me since I’m an old fart but I’m a lefty and intensely dislike all things Trump so I would have to do my rockin’ out somewhere else.

“it’s all so weird,” observed lincoln project strategist fred wellman. “all of them are just so stupidly weird.”

If Lara Trump ever ran for president, that “stupidly weird” would work well for her campaign.

Comedian Paula Poundstone couldn’t help chiming in, writing, “Lara Trump singing on stage feels like it was granted to her by an evil Make-A-Wish.”

Frankly, Lara Trump and her silly husband Eric Trump should be mocked whenever possible. So here I go. More funny observations from X users.

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  1. Tom Petty was a brilliant singer/songwriter, beloved by people rich or poor, educated or not. It makes me very angry that his anthem is being desecrated by such a sleazy and talentless twit.

  2. Pumped with silicone lips. Rock hard implants that wouldn’t jiggle an inch even if hit with a baseball bat… All she needs is a tweak to her last name – to Trumpetblower.

    Lara Trumpetblower: The body of an amateur pornstar and the name of a professional pornstar. (Or stripper)

  3. If there’s an afterlife…I’m sure Tom is petitioning God to stand HER up at the gates of Hell! Maybe the Devil doesn’t want her either and the Catholics are onto something with the idea about purgatory!!!

  4. “I have to admit I didn’t know who Dublin was referring to, but she was referring to Florence Foster Jenkins, who was apparently a dreadful opera singer.”

    Megan, not exactly. She was a socialite (who actually had money) who PLAYED at being an opera singer. She actually started as a pianist (and reports indicate she was a very talented pianist but suffered some sort of injury to one of her arms that ended that career option).
    If you need some enlightenment on her and her, um, “career,” there’s the biopic “Florence Foster Jenkins” starring the inestimable legend of screen herself, Meryl Streep. (Simon Helberg–probably best known as “Howard Wolowitz” on “The Big Bang Theory”–co-starred as Jenkins’ pianist, Cosme McMoon and Hugh Grant co-starred as Jenkins’ manager and “companion,” St Clair Bayfield.) Streep is, admittedly, not a great singer but she *can* sing (in the film versions of “Mamma Mia” and “Into the Woods” as well as the film “Ricki and the Flash,” she certainly proves capable of singing on-key and in tune) and she worked with a vocal coach for the part in order to learn how to sing badly. (It’s been said it’s far easier for a good singer to sing badly than a bad singer to sing well.)

  5. That picture of trumpy with the four bimbos behind him makes me want to tell him to see me on Tuesday! Roberta Kaplan can tag along…


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