I guess you can’t blame the man. He’s lied and lied and lied and nothing ever happened, so what’s one more? It’s a lot like that old adage about the alcoholic, “One drink’s too many and a thousand isn’t enough.”

Or, we could compare Trump to Helen of Troy. She launched a thousand ships, he launched a thousand slips — of the tongue into no man’s land.

In all events, this is not normal. Even for a guy whose relationship with “normal” is fanciful and passing at best.

Read this breaking piece from the Guardian, which would be funnier than hell as black comedy. But it’s real.

“At about 9.30pm every night, he’s sitting at his table, whether on the patio or inside, and they bring a laptop over and he starts picking songs, and he starts being a DJ for the night, but it’s sort of funny because he picks like the same 10 songs every night,” the club member said.

The Trump playlist is of a certain era, when he was a regular clubber in New York. The signature tune is the Village People’s YMCA, alongside The Greatest Love of All by Whitney Houston, and a few Elton John numbers.

“Sometimes he dances to it,” the club member said. “He will be at his table and he’ll dance while sitting.” […]

What might have otherwise seemed no more than a characteristically bizarre twist for a post-presidential career, looks more significant now that it is known that all the while the lights were low, the music was playing, guests were tipsy and the host was otherwise engaged, there were thousands of government documents, many of them highly sensitive, and at least one of them containing nuclear secrets, being kept illicitly in rooms and closets nearby. And all of this was unfolding in a venue described by former intelligence officials as a priority target for foreign spies.

An aerial view of Mar-a-Lago.
Mar-a-Lago: the lax security of Trump’s alternative ‘White House’

“Without any question the former president, and those in his circle will be very important targets for any foreign intelligence service. They will be looking at: how do we get into that circle?” said Douglas London, a 34-year veteran of the CIA’s clandestine service, and author of The Recruiter: Spying and the Lost Art of American Intelligence.

London added: “He’s brought in really questionable people with various skeletons in their closets, financial or personal or political, who have vulnerabilities a foreign intelligence service could exploit.”

It is a scenario which in other circumstances, might make for an uproarious comedy series, featuring spies from around the world tripping over each other in the dark as they race each other to grab hold of the motherlode of state secrets, as YMCA echoes around the darkened corridors.

Mar-a-Lago hires foreign workers every year. Trump stored documents in places where they could have been accessed by workers, club members, family, you name it. As fiction it might be comical, as fact it is unspeakable. As with all things Trumpian, look for it to get worse.


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  1. You know how the elderly reminisce about their past, almost, pretty close, successes? They are usually in some stage of dementia so it’s pretty much the same set of events, or almost events. That is where former guy is right now. He says basically the same set of statements over and over again making the most out of something that might or might not have almost happened. Sometimes the events never happened at all but the demented person lives in their own world and it sure did to them. We humor almost all of these elderly folks because it is polite and hurts no one.

    Former guy however is not harmless which underscores something I’m not sure folks have paid enough attention to: when the leader of a nation falls into dementia, much like former guy likely has, it is dangerous and can harm many. I’ve no solution to this and I”m not sure anyone does. Is there someone or some agency which exists for such a circumstance? If there isn’t perhaps there needs to be.

    • I think usually there are family members who move in and take control of the failing individual, get them treatment or into a facility. We have never seen this with the tRumps. Everyone seems to be afraid to do anything with this guy. Hell, they should have kept him from running in the first place. They, if anyone, knew what condition his mind was in, that he wasn’t fit to lead. Seems they bear some responsibility for the hell we’ve lived through these last seven or so years for not stepping up. Maybe they are just waiting for someone stronger than them to contain this monster.

      • It’s laughable to even think anyone in his family would try to talk him out of running for pres. His kids wanted all the fame and glory of being a president’s children. Ivanka got to be his advisor and sit beside him at a summit and pretend she was important. She was able to get all the Chinese patents for things she doesn’t even make. Jared got to be his advisor on everything. Dumb and dumber got to go on TV and spout BS and pretend they had something important to say. They all got in on the grift.

    • Yep, Ron Reagan was basically a turnip and his old lady was consulting psychics and whispering that crap in his ear…he should have been removed.


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