And here I thought I was already looking forward to hearing the almost delusional midterm election arguments to come from GOP candidates. After all, the GOP already has a solid gold issue to run on. Inflation. There’s little the Democrats can do about it, and the public is already blaming them. Just hammer it home.

But then I remembered that we’re talking about the Republicans here. And Republicans don’t run based on basic political expediency. Instead, their strategy is ruled by a burnt umber poltroon who only has three talking points, the stolen 2020 election, Democrats are pedophiles, and critical race theory. But inflation is too natural a target to ignore, so they’re just gonna have to try to riff it in there somehow.

I’m guessing that it will go something like this; If the election hadn’t been stolen in 2020, we wouldn’t have this terrible inflation. Because President Trump is a real estate genius. Instead, we have an administration of Democratic pedophiles who are helping Disney groom our kids for the child sex trafficking trade. If we win in November, Matt Gaetz will chair a special House committee to look into that. He has the background.

Or maybe something like; If we had a legitimate President inaugurated in 2021, we wouldn’t be where we are now. President Trump would have the Federal Reserve interest rate at 0%, the corporate tax rate would be at 0%, and inflation would be at 0%. Instead, we have Democratic pedophiles trying to indoctrinate our grade school kids with critical race theory, turning them into whiny, neurotic, self doubting little liberals!

But this time the GOP decided that they were sick of quick, clean stabs. This time they took that sword and scraped it up with rock to dull it up before they leaned over and fell on it. An this time, it’s they who gave the Democrats a gold plated gift for 2024. Let’s see if the Democrats have the balls to use it. Here’s what happened.

A day or so ago, RNC doormat and Trump scratching post Ronna Romney McDaniel made an announcement that starting in 2024, Republican Presidential candidates would no longer take part in any debates sponsored by the Commission for Presidential Debates. She accused the Commission of being partisan and biased, and that they would find New, fresh, and fair formats for their debates. Read FUX News.

The Commission has only been setting up and running presidential debates for about 30 years now. The Commission is both non partisan as well as non political. But in 2020 Trump and Pence got their asses kicked in 4 straight debates, so of course the Commission must be partisan political hacks.

But here’s the nub of it. Because the Commission has been at this for so long, and done it so well, it has a certain gravitas to it. One of the benefits of that is that it allows it to spread the debates among networks, in a 90 minute prime time format, sets up basic ground rules, and allows the network to choose their own moderators. Everybody but Traitor Tot and his doormat love it.

Please Dios, let the RNC lock into this insanity. Here’s why. I’m pretty damn sure that the CPD is not going to be intimidated by a dunce like McDaniel and the RNC. They are the official scheduler for presidential debates. I expect that they will announce the dates and locations for 3 presidential and 1 vice presidential debate, and invite both candidates. If the Democrats are smart, they’ll immediately accept, while the RNC flips the commission double barrel birds. The commission will go ahead and hold the debates, and the Democrats will get 90 minutes of uninterrupted prime time air to make their cases. You can’t buy that kind of a gift, not even at Amazon.

And if that happens, I already know what happens next. McDaniel and the RNC will run screaming to the network, furiously demanding 90 minutes of free prime time air time under the fairness doctrine. And the network will smile cheerily, and tell them to go fuck themselves. They’ ll point out that they didn’t give the Democrats anything, the Democrats accepted the invitation to the debate, while the GOP refused. They don’t owe the RNC dick.

This is what happens when someone with the IQ of celery takes over a major political party. The airlines started tanking when they stopped hiring CEO’s and COO’s who had actual airline experience and knowledge, and instead were taken over by corporate raiders. The same thing for the retail industry. And now it finally gets to politics. Happy landings!


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  1. True, you cannot buy the 90 minutes of free airtime the democrats would get for each debate. We also know this free sort of advertising is very good at electing presidents be they good or pieces of shit. We know this because MSM covered every fucking bit of shit vomited from former guy’s mouth when he was running in 2016 and it sure as shit worked for him.

    I would be excited to watch the debates if it had candidates from all the serious political parties (i.e. Green, New Alliance Party (are they still out there?), etc.) on the stage debating with Biden or whoever gets the nomination if he does not run in 2024.

    As for how many times the G.Q.P. can fall on its own sword? Why until it’s dead of course. May that time be quickly on its way.

    • The commission has a minimum support level for who can get into the debates – less than that, and you can’t get in. You may recall that in some years there have been several candidates on stage.

  2. They’ll probably demand (and get) the 90 minutes on OAN and Faux Noose. After all, that’s what their sheeple watch (well assuming that OAN survives that long). They’ll have Carlson and/or Hannity as moderator and ‘invite’ the DNC candidatesto take part and have it staged in deep red territory (with a one sided audience)

  3. If SCOTUS overturns Roe v. Wade by the end of the current
    court session, that will dominate all other issues going into the midterms. If the Supremes defer on a ruling, Democrats can rightly point out that they are motivated by partisan politics. It should make things interesting.

  4. “And if that happens, I already know what happens next. McDaniel and the RNC will run screaming to the network, furiously demanding 90 minutes of free prime time air time under the fairness doctrine.”

    Um, WHAT is this “fairness doctrine” of which you speak? That was abolished in 1987 and has yet to be restored.

    You may be thinking of the “equal time rule” but, in actuality, that doesn’t apply to debates (nor does it apply to a number of other categories–news broadcasts and interviews as well as talk shows).


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