As the ever enraging Orangeutan addressed fake Union Auto workers in Michigan and the also-rans for the Republican Nomination insulted east other, First Lady Jill Biden and President Johnson’s Great Society from the Reagan Library in California, State Anthony Blinken pulled out his Stratocaster and launched the Global Music Diplomacy with Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters in attendance.

Blinken will not be opening for The Rolling Stones anytime soon, but it was a laudable amateur effort:


Thanks, Andrea.



🙌 🙌 🙌


Can’t imagine Mike Pompeo with a Strat…

Could be.



Definitely a Democrat.


Keep rocking, Mr. Secretary.

Oh, and when you get a minute, see what you can do about getting Putin out of Ukraine…

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  1. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! More importantly what I saw casts this man in a whole new light. I’ll be honest. From the time he was nominated and every time I see him the guy has struck me as kind of a dweeb. Of some substance or he’d have not even been nominated but still not a personality that was full of depth and could truly engage others. Now. I can’t put into words how much better I feel about Blinken being our SecState.

    No, he’s not a professional musician but damn, the guy’s got chops. If instead of wearing a suit he was dressed for performing in some venue he’d own the stage and the crowd. He can cut loose, and is clearly way more comfortable in his own skin than I ever dreamed. I now get how he built a career in diplomacy and why others both here at home and abroad have taken him seriously over the course of his career. Despite the way he comes across at some press briefing, like some dude that would blow over in a stiff wind he’s a complete, full and confident person who can express himself. And in his job express the position of the United States with competence and confidence.

    Diplomatic exchanges have a special language and protocols and for good reason. Things literally can get lost in translation and that can literally be dangerous. But when diplomats can establish a personal engagement it can make for franker and more productive exchanges. I get now that Blinken isn’t some one-dimensional “nerd” but a multi-faceted person who can be as fun as he is serious.

    Like I said, I get now why President Biden put Blinken in his job.

  2. Can you imagine ANYONE from Trump’s orbit being that cool? Mnuchin? Ha!
    But I have looked all over Google and come up empty – anyone know the names of the other performers on stage with Blinken ???

    • My reaction too.
      Trump.doesn’t understand art or music. His visits to.clubs were always about helping and picking up women,never about the music. If you asked him.about Springteen, he’d either ask,,”Who?” or call him a left-wing fascist hater because Bruce is a die-hard progressive and despises the GOP.


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