“Oh what a night, hypnotizing, mesmerizing me.” — Frankie Valli

Last night’s runoff election in Georgia was straight out of a movie. It was a see saw. It went up and down up and down no less than SEVEN times. First Warnock was ahead, then Walker captured a lead, and then it repeated, and then finally, Warnock was the winner and now we see a two point victory.

This race was hailed by many as the strangest senate race in history and I think it will hold that title for quite some number of years, if not forever. A candidate less suited for high office than Herschel Walker is going to be hard to find. His son Christian shared some views last night.

He had a bit more to say, and Donald Trump didn’t come out looking so good.

And of course the post mortem goes on. How could it not.

And there’s this.

Christian Walker is getting beat up a lot today. GOPers are blaming him for “shilling” for his father, selling merchandise, etc. You can’t blame the guy. Once the die was cast and his father was in the race, he did what he could to support him. We can moralize all day and night about whether that was the right thing to do, given what we know now, but there’s no question that he was under a lot of pressure, as any college kid would have been.

One good thing that’s come out of this. Christian Walker has dropped that goofy, trolling persona he used to affect on social media. He was utterly repulsive. Maybe that was the idea. I don’t know what that was about.

It was a long, strange campaign. It’s over. Georgia has a decent man, giving them first rate representation in the senate and unless Walker is going to pull a Kari Lake on us, he’ll soon be out of sight, out of mind.

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  1. The fact that a person of such low character with a history of domestic violence & hypocritical lying comes this close to a senate seat is an indictment of our culture. Something is rotten in Denmark & its the good old USA. We’ve been fed shallow stupid shit for so long…we now are a nation with millions of cult members who know nothing, and worse, they don’t want to know anything.
    ” while the individual man is an insoluble puzzle, in the aggregate he becomes a mathematical certainty. ” Sherlock Holmes


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