Although wearing a Tee-shirt with Muhammad Ali‘s slave name emblazoned on it might help Walker hold onto his MAGA base voters, it will only hurt him with the voters he really needs tomorrow, like moderate Republican women, who are fleeing the company of the MAGA ranks as fast as they can, and independents – for whom any evocation of drumpf and his crackpot ideas has them reaching for the Democratic lever in their polling places.

When tomorrow is over and Rev. Warnock is safely ensconced back in his Senate Chair where he belongs, we will be able, I hope, to look back fondly on Walters’s weird efforts to further ingratiate himself to a voting pool that is just not deep enough to enable him to win, and to turn off just about everyone else.

Case in point was Saturday’s weird pronouncement by Herschel that although he has fathered more than several children with multiple women, not a single one of them is available when he wants to go to his local Metroplex and watch a kid’s movie… so rather than embarrass himself (!) by going alone – he rented a child from his neighbor.

I thought the GOP was going to assign handlers for this guy.

And that nobody stopped him from shooting off his own foot.

I know, Foghorn, unbelievable.

You got me there, blues, I can’t.


That he can’t see that is creepy.

I guess zombie was taken when it was his turn to pick.

Mama, it’s hard to choose who to blame between Cruz and Lindsey, so I’m going with both.

Seems a consensus if forming…





drumpf definitely swung and missed when he picked this guy.

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  1. Here’s a question: Since Walker is so clearly messed up just what kind of parent would rent their child out to him for a few hours? I’m serious. I assume Walker lives in a nice neighborhood so his neighbors are comfortable enough financially. Ok, so some people are scrambling and desperate to keep up appearances. Whatever. But WTF? How can anyone with any love for their child and/or common sense turn a child over to Herschel Walker for even a few hours? If Child Services isn’t taking a look then they damn well should be!

  2. Why in the holy hell hasn’t Walker come under the same criticism for his “renting a kid” that Michael Jackson came under for his inviting kids for sleepovers at the Neverland Ranch?

    And, really, the worse aspect of this is Walker’s own confession that he feels “like a dirty old man” when he watches kids’ shows by himself. The only reason anyone could feel “like a dirty old man” while watching a kids’ show is because you’re not watching the show for the right reason(s). If you’re sitting there fantasizing about how “hot” or “sexy” the kids on the show are, THAT’S why you should feel “like a dirty old man.” If you’re sitting there wishing you could be backstage at the show, hanging around the dressing rooms and offering “help” to the kids, THAT’S why you should feel “like a dirty old man.”

  3. I keep reading, here and elsewhere, that republican women are fleeing from the magat label. Now, I watch some Anime on Pluto while I’m at work (lot of down time). I see an advert on it about a show this season called “A Karen Xmas”. IF that label is so far entrenched in our society’s vernacular it has its own xmas show, maybe ‘pube women are not fleeing as much as anyone thinks.

    • All I’ve been able to locate is a film called “A Christmas Karen” as a new take on “A Christmas Carol.” And, it looks as though the “Karen” is visited by spirits challenging her sense of privilege, etc.

      And, based on that, I’d think it’s not as dire a situation as you make it out to be.


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