You know, if the Democrats want to blow the fundraising doors off in the last 30 days, I have an idea. Turn the 1 Herschel Walker-Raphael Warnock debate into a Pay per View event. That debate is going to be like watching Bill Nye the Science Guy butt heads with Marjorie Taylor Greene. Man! Talk about must see tv.

The oldest axiom in politics, along with the law, business, and everyday life is If you’re in a hole, STOP DIGGING! At this point Herschel Walker doesn’t need a campaign manager, he needs a nanny, a nap, and an intervention.

It all started on Monday, when The Daily Beast broke an article stating that Walker, who wants to ban abortion nationwide in all circumstances, paid for an abortion of his then girlfriend in 2009. And she kept receipts. She provided the reporter with the receipt from the clinic for the abortion, a copy of Walker’s personal check for $700, and a signed Get Well Card. With that kind of evidence, Attila the Hun would have told his lawyer to try to cop a Olea deal.

Not the mountain troll from Georgia. Instead, he stoutly denied that he had ever paid for an abortion, he says had no idea of who the woman even was, and that he would have a defamation suit filed against The Daily Beast 1st thing the next morning. That was Monday afternoon. This is friday night, and the number of Walker defamation suits totals 0.

Oh, the poor stupid shit. If there’s one thing I learned long ago in life, it’s that there’s nothing a woman scorned enjoys more that a good old fashioned pissing contest. She contacted the reporter again, saying she wanted no money, that’s why she was keeping her name anonymous. All she wanted was for the people of Georgia to know what a hypocrite Walker is. And then she stuck the shiv in to the hilt, telling the reporter that Walker sure as hell should know who she is, since, she’s the mother to one of his offspring.

Dude! For God’s sake, duck behind the nearest rock, have a sudden case of total recall, apologize to all and sundry, and try to move on. But oh no, Walker is made of sterner, if stupider stuff. He once again denied what was now obvious, continued to claim ignorance of the woman, and called the article a Democratic hit job by a disreputable rag trying to wreck his campaign.

Jesus. I warned you, you moron. If there’s one thing a woman scorned loves more than a pissing contest, it’s an escalation in the pissing contest. Her honor and reputation are on the line. If Herschel Walker thinks that The Daily Beast is a disreputable media outlet, fine, let’s take this dispute to Big Town.

Today the woman contacted a reporter at The New York Times, telling the reporter there that in fact, not only did Walker pay for her abortion in 2009, 2 years later he pressured her to get another abortion from a 2nd pregnancy. When the woman refused, and carried the child, Walker terminated their relationship. And then she dropped the anvil on his fat, stupid head. She told the Times reporter that since that time, Walker has been pretty much an absentee father to their now 10 year old son. He follows the rules of the judge to the letter, and nothing else. As I type this, Walker’s campaign has failed to respond to a request for comment by either The New York Times, nor NBC news.

This is pure political malpractice. I’ve never run for office, but even I know that if you do, your campaign manager and press officer are your mother and priest. You tell them everything, so that they can research it, and have a politically acceptable response ready to go if needed. Hell, they may even go preemptive and have you make an explanatory admission. Walker has laid his campaign out to dry. And while Walker disputes the claim, he disputes nothing else in the reporting. And the reporting makes him out to be a selfish, stupid shit.

We have yet to see any polling in Georgia since the scandal broke, but we don’t need to to get a picture of how things are going for Team Walker. As we speak, polling shows that GOP incumbent Governor Brian Kemp is sitting at 50%, 5 points ahead of Democrat Stacey Abrams. But the same polling shows that Democratic incumbent Raphael Warnock is running 4 points ahead of Walker. That’s a 9 point swing. Which tells me that, just in 2020, Georgia voters are willing to split their votes, shunning Trump, while electing down ballot candidates. Here they’ll back Kemp, but either leave the Senate box blank, or crossover and vote for Warnock.

Here’s the lowdown. Trump’s arrogant bullshit didn’t work with Georgia voters in 2020, and we have every indication that it won’t work for Walker in 2022. There are limits as to how much even the GOP sheeple will tolerate. The upcoming Savannah debate could well be the final nail in the coffin. Don’t touch that dial.


As I was readying to publish this, Alex Wagner n MSNBC broke the news that Herschel Walker, at long last, finally admitted that he knows who the woman is, and that she is raising one of his children. In typical Neanderthal fashion, he did not damit that any of the other information in the scandal is true. More stupidity to follow.


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  1. It shouldn’t be pay per view, we want all of Georgia to know just how dumb Walker is. They should however, sell tickets on a tier basis. The closer to the train wreck you are, the more you have to pay. There are the dumb asses here that are going to stick by Walker no matter what just because he has an R by his name. It’s so sickening to watch the interviews on the news with those yokels, they give us Georgians a seemingly well deserved reputation as one of those southern red neck states.
    I know for a fact that a lot of them would NEVER and I mean NEVER vote for a Democrat. They would rather admit that Jesus was a foreigner with brown skin. I don’t even know if all that many will come out and vote for Kemp. You have to remember that Trump had it in for him. It was so bad they couldn’t get him to stay on topic at Loefler’s and Perdue’s one rally he did, it was all about him.
    Every MAGAt that truly believes in their whatever passes for a heart, that Kemp and Raffensperger cheated him of their victory are NOT going to show. They would not vote for them and they would never vote for some uppity black (Abrams or Warnock) who doesn’t know their place.
    There are a lot of new voters here that are not on their radar. All of them won’t be new Democrat voters, but they’re probably not getting a lot of MAGAt responses either because they don’t trust pollsters. I truly believe we won’t know how this vote is going to go until election day.

    • We are refugees from.GA,after 12 years there, now safe in W. MA. We have red necks here too and my tiny dying mill town went for the Orange Orc both times. But they have better manners up here. Nobody asks about religion or politics.
      I completely agree that a,very large and stupid group of GA jerks wouldn’t vote for a Dem.if Jesus ran on the Democratic ticket.

      And you obviously know my in-laws. They match that demographic perfectly. They are,appalled at the idea of no new hire poor people getting help. I hope every PoC turns out, votes,Dem, puts Abrams in the Governor’s Mansion, and kicks Herschel to the curb.
      especially the one with all but dissertation to her Ph.D.

  2. Stupid. I’m reminded of a moment from Stephen Coontz’s book The Intruders (about a carrier deployment) when the main character gives a piece of advice to one of the young jarheads who’d ignored his instincts on a moonless night in bad weather and followed the instructions of the deckhand – and almost taxied his aircraft off the front of the bow! Grafton tells him “It’s not the fall, or the sudden stop at the end that kills you. It’s the realization that you are indeed this fucking stupid! In Walker’s case, denying he even knew the woman, much less paid for an abortion (even though she had literal receipts!) was as stupid as it gets, because if he’s not exactly a deadbeat dad he’s an absentee one. And since she has contacted no less than the NYT to note that he has done what the court ordered that means there are literal receipts for child support. He really should have known better but he was a football star and used to getting away with all manner of shit for decades. But the spotlight is shining directly on him and it’s not going away.

    And for all the faux forgiveness from the RWNJ religious nuts he’s getting, where if he’d just fess up to his multitude of sins for which they’d forgive him or any other Republican (but NEVER a Democrat) he’d get past this. However, at some point even some of the wingnuts will start to wonder why he doesn’t at least go through the motions of “confessing and asking for forgiveness” routine.

    • My husband worked a flight deck. The Ex would have sure this jetk.didn’t even get into his plane. They are calm and controlled and their sole job is not to let the pilot get killed and the plane destroyed. The trouble shooters won’t let him get in the plane without a,walkabout. And the Chief won’t release him to the cat boss, who won’t let him hook.up.and take off

      Whoever wrote this got it wrong. The deck crew wouldn’t have allowed this. The Chief explained this to a young and stupid pilot that that plane was not his u til he released it to the cat boss,and the cat boss wouldn’t release it u til it was,safe. And if he didn’t like it he could talk to the skipper with him. The next day was a,safety stand down with dumb ads pilot as the example. The day after that, there was a carrier stand down. Then a fleet wide stand down. The fleet wide letter addressed the JG for being an idiot and thanked the MCPO for preventing a death. The JG was removed from the carrier and sent back to flight training.
      That is how Real.Life carriers treat arrogant moron JGs.And it wasn’t the only tome the Master Chief had to ream out a stupid JG feeling his oats

      Husband served 5carrier deployments before switching to.P3s.

  3. I’m sorry but IF the people in Georgia pick Kemp over Stacey then they ARE a bunch of dumbass racist traitors. Remember he STOLE the election the last go around. Fool me once mutherphuckers…what a goddamn country.

  4. The sad fact is that kemp is ahead, sure people will switch votes down ballot, but kemp is scum as well, but republican scum. Despite walker dumpster fire, people still want to vote r.

  5. Walker sounds and acts like someone who played without a helmet. Also without an education. I wouldn’t care how many kids he fathered so long as he acknowleged all of them up front and included them in his life as any father should. But the lying and concealment is what gets me, along with the blatant hypocrisy of urging/paying for an abortion and now campaigning against a woman’s right to choose.

    • the Poster Boy for CTE. Which makes him disqualified for the Senate.
      If an I.Q. test with a score over 80were required, half the Rs wouldn’t have a job


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