Former drumpf Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who himself looks like a gone-to-seed Chicago gangster with a blind barber, and who has dealt with some of the real most dangerous people in the world including Taliban leaders, North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un, Vladimir Putin, and, of course the bloated pumpkin himself, sought to place some daylight between himself and the other also runs for the GOP Presidential Nomination last week by attacking the head of The American Federation of Teachers’ Randi Weingarten, calling her “the most dangerous person in the world”.

Really, Mike? Does education really scare you and your former boss’ mouth breathing base that much?

Yahoo News

“Randi Weingarten, the head of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), said in an interview that former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is “desperate to be labeled as the extremist” in the upcoming 2024 Republican presidential primary race.

In an interview with Semafor, Weingarten, who has been the AFT’s president since 2008, said that Pompeo’s latest attacks toward her are an attempt for him to gain millions of dollars in funding for a potential presidential campaign.

“He needs to fund his campaign,” Weingarten told the media outlet. “He doesn’t have a base so he is trying to get millions from the anti-union, anti-public-education billionaires like Betsy DeVos.”

Weingarten also said that Pompeo, who is thought to be eyeing a potential 2024 White House bid, is trying to use the same “extremist” platform GOP candidates used in the previous election cycles, noting that he wants to form his campaign on “hate and division.”

That is all too unfortunately true, Randi, but hate and division is really all the Republicans have left in their bag, every major policy decision they have rolled out in the last 40 years have only led to a degradation of American culture, enabled disease, or accumulated mountains of debt.

So they choose to scapegoat teachers, doctors and popular entertainment for inability to anything other than offer more of the same.

Randi also responded to the idiot on Twitter:

In the broader sense it is of course ridiculous, Randi, but narrowed to what such a charge made by a public figure means to individual teachers it is very dangerous indeed. Teachers are already under attack from the right and by putting them in his crosshairs Pompeo only compounds that danger.

I hope you continue to draw courage from your fellow educators and defend public schools from the onslaught of those like Pompeo and DeVos who wish to turn schools into just another money making venture for Wall Street investors…

Randi also had this to say in reply:

Exactly, Ahmed.

Pompeo seems unlikely to prevail in the 2024 contest for the Republican nomination, but he has already planted his flag on the ground he wishes to defend against all comers – the most extreme and unhinged of the candidates.

Perhaps his ultimate goal is to demonstrate for the Judge brokers at the Federalist Society his qualifications for a SCOTUS seat and so a lifelong paycheck.

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  1. RepubliQanons know that uneducated, willfully ignorant people are easier to manipulate and are more susceptible to conspiracy theories. Therefore, they want to destroy any educational system that promotes proper education and critical thinking, to get more MAGAts (or is that MAGAGAs?) that they can grift from and to get to vote against their own best interests!

  2. There’s something else about Pompeo people should know – but don’t. He’s a fucking CHICKEN HAWK! (Someone who talks tough like they know about combat but either never served or was nowhere near action)

    Any description of this asshat includes (early on) a mention of the fact he graduated (in 1986) first in his class at West Point. To be fair that’s no small achievement. In fact it proves some serious intellect and drive. Sadly, that’s no the whole story. Service Academy graduates are obligated to serve five years on active duty as payback for one of the best educations available in this country. For even a modestly competent Officer an Academy diploma is a ticket to a good career and retirement at at least O-5 rank and more often than not full Col. (O-6) or in the Navy Captain.

    Pompeo left active duty as an Army Captain (O-3) in 1991, having served much of his career with tanks overseas near the Iron Curtain. Note that date – 1991. And that Pompeo served with tank units. I bring this up because something rather significant took place during Pompeo’s service which is the FIRST Gulf War! Let’s be clear. Pompeo was by accounts a competent Officer and an Academy Grad. ANY such person would have had no trouble wrangling an assignment to the Gulf to be part of Desert Storm. That is, any Officer with some guts who also had an eye on a political career.

    However, Pompeo instead wrangled an assignment that kept him way the fuck away from the Persian Gulf! Turns out he was able to gloss that over – with a little help from some anonymous friends as we shall see. As I’ve stated EVERY biographical mention of the guy starts with the 1st in his class thing, and it was a big selling point all through his post Armyh career and his entry into politics. But SOMEWHERE out there is a person(s) who edited his Wikipedia page to indicate he had in fact served in the Gulf During Desert Storm!

    And never, not once has Pompeo stood up and publicly said that entry (which took two fucking years to get corrected) should never have been made, much less condemn the person(s) for making it. Hell, the myth grew to the point where it was a fucking selling point during confirmation hearings before Congress! And again Pompeo never bothered to correct the record. He was quite okay with being portrayed, even hailed as a combat veteran. That’s why he would rate a space in the old NH Gazette’s Chicken Hawk Hall of Shame.

    It’s been more decades than I care to admit since I served in the Marines but we used to know the concept of Lions and Lambs when it came to Officers and even NCOs. The former ALWAYS looked out for their people even at the risk of their own ambitions/career while Lambs were the weak-kneed types who would toss a subordinate under the bus rather than take care of their people.

    Long after the Army, as Secretary of State Pompeo sucked Trump’s dick instead of protecting a hugely important Ambassador. When Rudy G. was doing his thing in Ukraine Marie Yoyanavich was doing her job and doing it well but that was the last thing Trump wanted. So Rudy created bogus shit to trash her and give Trump an excuse to recall/fire her. Pompeo’s own Deputy spoke out forcefully and publicly on her behalf but Pompeo wanted to keep polishing Trump’s little mushroom headed knob and MEEKLY recalled her! Right then and there any career diplomat anywhere in the world knew the first, main person who should have their backs would sell them out in a fucking heartbeat.

    THAT proves the lack of character of this man.

    “Duty, Honor Country”, the code West Pointers claim to live by are nothing but meaningless words to this piece of shit. A true leader in a combat arms discipline would have considered it his duty to push for (and trade in every chit/favor for) an assignment to the Gulf for Desert Storm. Honor? Pompeo has demonstrated over his life he has NONE. And Country? Pompeo takes the old JFK call to citizens and flips it from “ask what you can do for your country” into “what can my country do for me to inflate my career and ego?”

    West Point should be ashamed of him. Some are. Sadly others are not. I encountered a fair number of Academy grads from all three Service Academies in my life, especially when stationed in and after active duty living in the DC area. Some were a privilege to know. The bulk of them were ok to solid. And some were true pieces of shit. You know where IMHO Pompeo falls! I’ve for decades (going back to Annapolis grad Ollie North who disgraced both Annapolis and my Marine Corps) felt that in the Rotunda of each Academy’s main hall there should be a plaque – a Hall of Shame plaque with the name of those who wound up disgracing themselves and their fellow grads. And Pompeo sure as hell would belong on the one at West Point!

    • ummnn, Did Pomp Nuts go to public or private schools … Makes big difference in his shaming if there is a trail of failures in Public rather than bought grad papers exist, none-the-less, your factual recount of his history reeks of a coward hiding in plain sight, doing grand-play things that endanger our Democratic society … If he WAS smart enough to slither through West Point, then show all these signs of betrayal to the country/service/fellow grads, he surely fails at being THE ONE, that should end up in the White House at any level of responsibility …

      Thanks for your detailed recount of the fool’s past and useless future …

      • Well, he’s from Orange California. He went to a public high school which was at the time fairly new – it opened in the early 70s and while I don’t know a lot about it over time it developed a full mix of students so no, it wasn’t some lily white bastion of privilege as far as I can tell.

        • Orange County, CA, the bastion of rabid Republicanism in California which gave us Ronnie Reagan and other Republican creatures. Pompeo is just another Lying Piece of Shit created by the desire to cater to the rich which is the center of the cult known as Republicans.

    • Pompy served in the trump administration. That alone speaks of his lack of character. Anything else is pretty much redundant. It is interesting he went to W.P. and turned out to be such a spineless P.O.S. Yeah, you’re right, W.P. ought to be pretty ashamed. Wonder if they are?

  3. Funny how only the GOP consider teachers “radicals” for preferring to teach accurate history and being against censorship. And here we thought the GOP was for maximum freedom when it comes to owning guns (up to and including RPGs) and refusing vaccines and wearing masks. But not when it comes to women choosing abortion and birth control. Spell it out, guys: Choice and rights only apply to.white entitled Christian MEN
    Pompeo is a typical.GOP.dick: A misogynist, racist, lying chicken hawk.

  4. When I was way much younger, the appellation “chicken hawk” meant something very different so it kind of caught my attention. It referred to an adult male who enjoyed sexually molesting much younger males (at least below the age of consent). But the military connotation makes sense also. Thanks, Denis, for your usual informed commentary on Dino’s excellent piece.


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