When you attempt to scroll through a list of your Führer’s newsworthy crimes, scandals, felonies and misdemeanors on your shitty apologist-channel television show and you have to pause twice for commercial breaks (snark) the point you wish to make, but probably don’t, is not how dogged your hero’s investigators are, but instead your effort might just be starkly illustrative of how many crimes the shitheel commits.

Hey that’s some list, Sean, are you returning tomorrow night to update?

Hannity also fails to mention his guy has been impeached twice, had numerous enterprises shut down dissolved or otherwise sanctioned, associates jailed and impoverished, and awaits himself only a much deserved prison term to cap his life of crime.

But no one ever accused Hannityjob of being the sharpest tool in the shed…


Yeah, Allen, he did scroll through rather quickly.

Ya think, Dean?

Bedminster syndrome.

And that’s just the ones we know about Calys…

I ran out of pushpins…

To be fair, you can’t keep up.

Fake but funny.🤣🤣🤣


Yes we can.

You are so mean for pointing that out, Eileen.

Live Hannity: 👇👇👇

Nice try, Hannityjob, but to properly list all of the Mango Mobster’s crime’s a one hour show is just not long enough.

Perhaps a three part special?

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  1. Listing all that doesn’t much seem like help to me! I’m reminded of a classic moment from The Princess Bride – to paraphrase Inigo Monotya and Hannity’s idea of help, “I do not think that word means what you think it means”

    On a more serious note, I’ve been wondering for a while now if the Murdochs have been gently testing/implementing a slow dumping of Trump. We had a couple of things from their blonde & blue primetime gal (figures they’d stick the woman with the first trial balloons) last month, first on a podcast and then a minor prime time less than fluffing comment on Trump. It didn’t blow up into anything. And let’s face it, unless/until all three members of the three hour prime-time White Supremacy Hour speak in unison cutting Trump loose it won’t matter. However, this little missive by Hannity listing Trump’s crimes (albeit trying to spin it to Trump’s benefit) might be a subtle, ass backwards way of confronting all those viewers with just how awful Trump actually is – sort of a make them start to think “Holy shit! Democrats hate Trump for sure, but I didn’t realize all THAT! With that much smoke is there maybe an actual fire?” We’ll see how it played, and whether there’s follow up that doesn’t try so hard to call out Democrats and acknowledges maybe, possibly with one or two of these “very minor” thinks there’s a small chance there might be a tiny little bit of something there.

    Baby steps. As I said we’ll have to wait and see but business is business and the Murdoch empire’s U.S. flagship is Fox, but it’s a worldwide operation and their feality to Trump has caused them some troubles. One of the Murdoch sons said “fuckit – I’m outa here” and their SkyNet ran into some regulatory approval problems overseas a few years back – no doubt in part to Fox and the U.S. part of things. Funny thing about so many hugely rich people – NO amount of money (and power that goes with it) is ever enough for them and people that are costing them significant money, or even “only” keeping them from making as much MORE money as they think they should be making can become expendable. And be gone before they knew what hit them.

    I for one think it’s possible that the Murdoch father and son are still seeing Trump as someone they can make money from via Fox, but they have doubts and are planting seeds. Seeds which, if the GOP fails to take both the House and the Senate in November they’ll saturate with the equivalent of Miracle Gro and they will join with McConnell (who I think will decide to retire rather than not only NOT be Majority Leader again, but would face a big fight to retain his post as Minority Leader) to finally kneecap Trump and Trumpism. Old Ruppert is already really, really old and word is son Lachlan who runs most of the day-to-day stuff but still has to have dad approve really major strategy (like dumping Trump) has wanted Fox to distance itself from Trump for a while now. Like back even before 2020, especially when it became clear Trump’s biggest fear (Biden being the Democratic nominee) was realized. Right then and there Lachlan knew Trump would be toast, and frankly so did most sane, professional Republicans in the poltical and pundit world. So they concentrated on downballot stuff and it worked better than they hoped. They almost retained the Senate and almost took over the House.

    But even if not at 2018 levels the Democrats succeed in increasing, even a little their majorities in both chambers because Trump won’t shut his fat fucking mouth and wants the midterms to be about HIM (so he can set up for 2024) the knives will be out. And the Murdochs will say fuck knives, and fuck swords – throw Trump into a wood chipper! And in the meantime they are planting seeds so if it comes to that they can program a series of “we saw signs that Trump might have cracks in his armor but like you (their viewers) we simply couldn’t believe he was hollow. Now we know and it’s time to rally around someone new who is soild and can carry the (tiki) torch!

  2. I listen to Hannity frequently (know thine enemy!). He is either an ignorant man, or he is highly intelligent and perceptive, knows Trump is guilty of everything mentioned and lies about it, in which case he is a dishonest man.

    I’ll tell you this- not a show goes by that he doesn’t mention his guns and his martial arts workouts, which suggests to me that he is really a weak and very insecure man who has managed to bluff and bullshit his way into the hearts and minds of the uneducated, the gullible, the easily duped. No wonder Trump loves him.

  3. When faux nuz has liar tuck start turning away from the former guy, we will know for sure they will be looking for greener pastures. And I do believe his show is being allowed to be the way it is. When faux no longer wants to support the loser, they will give liar tuck an ultimatum: change your show or change your employment. Tuck has a leash and faux just hasn’t jerked it yet.

  4. Gee Wally, I always wondered why so many failed lawyers with no clients gravitate towards politics. It looks like they do it to destroy our government. Judges and lawyers. Who needs the spine lacking scum bags?


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