It turns out that even for high profile corporate lawyer like former Florida Solicitor General Chris Kise, who demanded, and got, a $3,000,000 retainer from Trump to represent him in the pilfered documents case, taking a side job to represent a client like Venezuelan strong man Nicolás Maduro against your own government can have repercussions.

Repercussions such as not being able to obtain a security clearance for a case that involves the vetting of Secret and Top Secret documents…


Leave it to that FBI lovebird and constant thorn in drumpf’s fat ass, Peter Strzok, to ferret out inconvenient national security conflicts on the star of der Gropinfuhrer’s legal whizz team.

Twitter was thrilled, of course:

No, he should absolutely not.

Wonder if drumpf’s 3 mil is refundable?

Jeeze, drumpf might have to go hat in hand to Rudy…

That’s a fact, Jack.

Don’t be a buzzkill, Juliet. We want Rudy!

Guy loves him some thugs.



I feel ya, Judy.

Not enough yarn and thumbtacks in the world, Awen.

Or admirers of them.

Big news day for Caracas.


I’ll refer you to my top pic.

3 million dollar retainer will make them pick up every time.


So, it could be drumpf has to go shopping for attorneys again.

Such a bother, he still has Judges he must pick up yet.

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  1. What’s that about Judge Cannon possibly overruling special master’s recommendations and give this guy clearance, access classified documents? Isn’t there anyone to lay down the law here? Or can these trombies just do as they please? I just don’t get it.

    • I agree, Cherl….Isn’t there ANYONE with more juice than this Trumper Judge Cannon??? She might be a Conflict of Interest, maybe??? :/

    • Judge Loose-Cannon is drunk on power right now, and proof (not that we needed it) that rushing people through the process of giving them LIFETIME appointments on the federal bench is a really bad, stupid thing to do because they can misuse their power. As she has done. She seems determined to abuse it to the maximum extent possible. However she has NO power, none, zero, NADA, zilch to issue a federal security clearance to ANYONE. Not even a measly “Public Trust” clearance like I had to apply for to be a Disaster Temporary Employee with FEMA fifteen years ago because my higher clearance ended with my active duty. Actually, a little before because Reagan wanted to cut down on the number of people who had them and my duties in my unit had shifted & I’d no longer be around/in proximity to classified working spaces or documents. Basically there was no need for me to have one and with me leaning towards leaving active duty and my superiors knowing it, there didn’t seem to be much point in trying to hang on to it. I thought still having it might come in handy when it came to civilian employment and so did my Company C.O. but again, when the orders come down to do some trimming a fight for an NCO (and not a senior one like Gunny or above) who hadn’t yet completed a four year active duty stint wasn’t a fight he wanted to pick with the folks across the street.

      Anyway, getting a clearance means applying an filling out a lot of stuff & the higher the clearance the more info. one has to provide. And for top clearances you can bet your bippy investigators get out there and run things down, all the way back to the neighborhood you grew up in! Can it be expidited? Yes. Can a sitting President overrule the recommendations of the people who make the “Yes/No” determination? Again, yes. But NO federal judge or even Justice nor SCOTUS itself can step in and grant someone even the lowest national security clearance. Part of me hope judge Cannon does try issuing a court order demanding this Trump asshat get a clearance. At that point The Federalist Society will probably kidnap her and force her to resign!

      But I too see the time coming (soon since for obvious reasons his application for at least a provisional clearance will be sped up and yes, the system allows for that) when for this and other stuff he’d going to have quite the “fun” sit down with some agent for a “There are some thing in this file of what turned up in your background investigation you’re going to have to explain…” I wonder if he realizes what he’s gotten himself in to, because it’s incredible what these people find out when doing background for Top Secret clearances!

      IF we are very lucky we’ll be treated to the fun of his retainer agreement saying it’s non-refundable. That if he can’t get clearance and can’t represent Trump on the most serious part of the case he doesn’t see the point in staying on. Trump of course would demand he work on other shit. But it’s the national security stuff that has Trump’s junk being tightened in the vise and that’s why he shelled out all that money! Being out three million and getting treated like he’s treated hundreds, if not thousands of people/contractors will be karma setting of a brick of C-4 in his fat ass. His reaction of getting done to him what he’s done to others would make a helluva Mastercard “priceless” commercial!

      • That idiot broad in FL didn’t have the law behind her when she interfered with getting the classified docs back where they belong in the first place. This is a serious national security matter and the shit-wit thinks that because her boss wants those docs, they’re his. We’re talking about national security F.F.S. and this moron calling herself “judge” is treating this as if the docs really were mere newspaper clippings.

        I hope the caliber of judges on the 11th of better than that of this silly twat but given they’re overseen by thomas I am not particularly hopeful. Of all the s.c. bench warmers who can be accused of being political hacks, he is definitely the hackiest.

        Still wondering why in the fuck Garland didn’t just take this to the D.C. court in the first place. Tactical error on his part and a grave one at that.

        • Hey Spike, I agree with you in every way, but I wish you wouldn’t use terms like broad and twat in your opinions. This judge could easily have been a penis-carrier and he would be just as bad. There’s no need to degrade women. I appreciate you and what you do. Thanks.

    • “Laws” are for little people. We get qualified immunity, no knock warrants and corrupt, incompetent ” judges” while the privileged get judges that suck dick for dollars

  2. “Anybody working for Trump seems like a security risk.”

    Yup. And it has always been so.

    Probably connected to…

    “It’s [fake] surprising how many of the America First crowd are also agents of foreign dictatorships”

  3. drumpf’s attorney has nothing to worry about. Just go whining to that idiot broad in FL who calls herself a “judge”. She hasn’t done anything holding up to legal scrutiny yet so this will be a cake-walk for the guy.

  4. Another corrupt attorney.
    Say it ain’t so.
    I know a number of corrupt attorneys that should be the subject of “qualified immunity”.
    Then again, deshowitz is a so called “law school educator” and a lying pervert.
    But the “judges” love him…


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