What a glorious few hours it has been, drumpf humiliated, castigated and thoroughly emasculated by his Special Mistress, New York Attorney General Tish James…including a special shout-out for his litter of piglets; the 11th District Court of Appeals stripping him of the cloak of impunity issued by the now blasted Judge Cannon Fodder, and… just a few minutes ago…my secret internet crush, Asha Rangappa, winning the internet with this:

Yup. You go, Jen.



Me too, also.



Not Jeanie! My eyes, my eyes!

Sure they did, big guy 🙄🙄🙄








You ought to know, Qevin.


And, we have a winner!

Thanks for the chuckles, Asha!

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  1. That is priceless and I hope she had the foresight to trademark it before posting it. There were some more fun as hell acronyms in the responses.

    I bumped on Trump’s “as I understand it” comment – the dude didn’t understand jack shit when he entered the WH. And still doesn’t. I have no doubt people who actually knew shit about this stuff tried to educate him but as “everyone knows” (at least according to Trump) “Trump knows more about everything than everyone!” Really! As he likes to point out “people” have told him so!

    • “the dude didn’t understand jack shit when he entered the WH”. He did a hell of a lot better than the senile aneurysm joke we have now. I’ll follow you. I’m curious if you are a Trump hater or just an average everyday TDS loser in life.

      • Well, according to your hero Trump I am in fact a loser. Because at age 26 I chose to serve my country by joining the Marines. Because of my age, the Col. running the Officer Selection Board in my region of the country refused to allow approval of my package. I could have walked away free and clear (this was right after the Barracks bombing in Beirut) and taken a position as a Deputy Sherrif back home. And when the next opening came up taken an ever better paying job as a Probation Officer. Really good money for back there and I’d be sitting pretty in a comfy retirement as I just turned 65. Instead I enlisted and volunteered for infantry which again I note makes me a loser to the leader of MAGA World.

        But my view of Trump as a despicable waste of human flesh goes back to long before he made those comments to Kelly at the grave of Kelly’s son who was killed in action. Any self-respecting Marine would have knocked Trump on his fat ass (full disclosure, I’m old, broken down physically & disabled and fat too) but Kelly sucked up instead. However I was on active duty when Trump became known outside of NYC with the whole Art of the Deal book thing. Seeing him in interviews I thought he was an arrogant asshole. I didn’t toss rich in their because I’ve lived a full and varied life and have known all too many arrogant assholes from about any walk of life you can imagine. I’ve also known well off and even a handful of actual rich people who were gracious, considerate and caring. Genuinely good people who recognized their good fortune (whether born into like Trump or had earned their way to it) so I’ve got a basis for comparison. I’d see more about Trump due to the hoopla during his messy split with Trophy Wife #1, and his quite publicly installing his then mistress (who’d become Trophy Wife #2) in Trump Tower as a public “Fuck you Ivana” for the whole country to see. Quite the guy to admire? I think not. Over time I’d see plenty more examples of his narcissistic need for attention. Having formal education/training in psychology I could recognize classic DSM (that’s Diagnostic, Statistical Manual – the “bible” that lists various mental disorders and the criteria for diagnosing them) markers in Trump. “Reality” TV of course isn’t real – it’s scripted shit. I was never a fan of any of those shows and have never watched a single one from start to finish. Trump seemed to get a kick out of being known as the “You’re Fired” guy but for all I knew it was just part of the act. I’d come to believe he took real delight in coming in at the end of production to do his little schtick.

        I’d also come to learn about his racsim, brushes with the law (both state and federal) and come to the same resentment so many of us have over there being one set of (far more lenient) rules (and lack of true consequences for misdeeds and even crimes) for rich/leveraged people and another much stricter one for the rest of us. But I still maintain he didn’t know jack shit about politics or the Presidency and what the job actually entails. Nor did he understand, having worked his whole life in a family business and never had to work with a Board of Directors that he was no longer in a “whatever I say” environment. But he did a helluva lot of damage along the way trying to run his administration that way. And unlike his various business failures he couldn’t just declare bankruptcy and walk away.

        I could write reams of stuff on why YOU are the dumbass for thinking Trump is “all that” because his life has been one failure (both personal and professional) after another. He was born rich and got a shitload of money from his daddy starting out. Lost it and when he failed over and over again daddy helped bail him out rather than see the family business get dragged down too. When ole Fred got too advance in age and wasn’t quite as sharp, Trump horned in and lied & tricked the rest of the family into letting him take complete control. Then when he kept fucking up and running this or that into the ground and no reputable bank, especially U.S. Banks which are (most of them) NYC based and knew him refused to do business with him anymore he found shady overseas banks. And private funding. He doesn’t believe in God or Jesus any more than I do but I’m damned sure that multiple times a day he wishes two things – for Putin to die either of natural causes or assassination and second that Pootie didn’t leave behind an easy to find ledger on how much money he and Russia had funneled to Trump for laundering. And to prop him up just in case his decades long musings about running for office (President of course) would become something he’d actually do. There are at least a few of Pootie’s oligarchs that have directly funneled money to Trump and like any mobster they will at some point want to collect. But how much more does Trump owe “The Rodina?” If he can’t grant them geopolitical favors as payment their patience on getting paid will be next to nothing.

        So again, no I don’t hate him. I FUCKING DESPISE HIM! Hatred is much too mild a word. With only a couple of exceptions I’ve chosen to work in jobs that don’t pay gobs of money. Service oriented work and non-profit work hasn’t paid me what I might have earned so my forced early retirement seven years ago has been far from luxurious. But that was my choice. And I can look back at my life and say a good deal of it was spent trying to make other’s lives better instead of focusing on enriching myself personally and in the process often fucking others over to get/hold high paying gigs. If that makes me a loser to someone like you so be it. But you know what. If I did believe in a God and heaven as I was taught from the time I was a kid I can say that I made an honest effort on the whole to practice what the Jesus in the actual New Testament preached. Serve others and help the less fortunate because acts, not words are the keys to the kingdom of heaven. Unlike Trump I haven’t spent my life fucking over other people, lying and cheating and making myself THE highest priority all the fucking time! So go worship your fake golden god if it makes you feel better. I might not have much money, but I’m rich in ways that a MAGA asshole like you simply doesn’t seem to get. Or want to. I get by and have more than so many others, and my friends know to (and do) give me a swift kick in the ass if I show signs of sliding into whining about not having money to travel to play great golf courses around this country and the world and stuff like that.

      • I lived in NY in the early 80s.
        I was,twice approached by modeling scouts. Turned them down. You had to accommodate VIPs who groped and raped you. He was mentioned by name by a friend who liked clubbing.

        And everyone in NYC knew about his grifting, flouting the law,,molesting women. We called him.”Don the Con”because we knew him. That is why he couldn’t carry his own home town. Hillary got 80%of the votes there.

        And before you call.me ignorant,,I have two grad degrees, turned down free rides two Ivies, accepted a third grad school.with a better program. Also Phi Beta,Kappa,and Dean’s,List every semester.

  2. The former guy looks like he’s having to squint to see Hannity and is having to concentrate really really hard to understand what Hannity is even saying to him.

  3. I liked the usual tell on himself through projection that the archives (Nara) is a radical left wing group and if you send documents there “you’ll probably never see them again “
    Like what may have been in all those empty folders Donald?

  4. Here’s what I don’t get about continuing to target Hilary. I mean, aside from the fact that they all know they’re lying about it anyway. Like, do they think everyone has forgotten that they held the government for a minute? If she was such a criminal, why didn’t they do anything about it? If she’s so terrible AND they have evidence (that’s the catch, folks), why didn’t they lock her up?

    I’ll answer that. It’s. Not. True. It’s just a story they use to stir grievance.


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