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Public Service Alert. Snark Level 10!

As I wrote recently, after the events of the 1/6 commemoration, the broadest, easiest way to explain and exploit messages of the 2022 midterms are crystal clear. The GOP is now officially the party of Fuck it! We’re fascists. We’ll cheat to win, and we’ll try to overthrow our own government, we don’t care. And ya know what? We’re betting YOU don’t either! And on the Democratic side, it’s Hey! Would you like a little actual democracy in your democracy? You know, like free and fair elections? Then vote Democratic.

But that’s going on right now with the GOP House, and especially their spineless toady leader, Kreepy Kevin McCarthy is just ridiculous. Look, I know that Trombie mental midgets like Laborious MTG, Gymbag Jordan, Sugar Daddy Matt Gaetz, Go-kart Gosar, and Louie Goober Gohmert may be safe in heir little gerrymandered fiefdoms. And that’s fine, because this isn’t really about them.

But because they’re all shameless media whores, and donation vacuums, they have taken to appearing on far right media like FUX News, where they tend to come across like screaming howler monkeys, throwing their shit balls all over the place. But while this may play well at home, to the rest of the country they look like a bunch of drooling mouth breathers who need a coat with size 88 sleeves, and a room with thick padded walls. Not exactly your desired national role models, huh?

But now, the Dumbellina of politics, Kevin McCarthy, like a dog licking his nuts in front of a fireplace, is going on the air to fantasize about the never to come day when he is House Speaker. First he said that he would not only restore the committee assignments of racist traitors like Gosar and Greene, he would make them committee chairs! And yesterday, on national television, he had nocturnal emissions as he described how he would Take the politics out of the House committees by using his power to politically remove Democrats Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell from their high profile committee posts. Cuz? He can.

Oh Mama Mia, Mama Mia! Sweet Jesus, the Democratic national attack ads write themselves. Just pick any combination of these blathering idiots, show them spouting off on FUX, and while that happens, have the voice over say something like, America. Are you ready for Jim Jordan as the Chair of the Intelligence committee? How about Matt Gaetz as the chair of the Oversight committee? Louie Gohmert running the Judicial committee? how about Paul Gosar chairing the Ways and Means committee? Or MTG running the DHS committee? If the answer to any or all of these is “NO!”, then Vote Democratic! because our democracy depends on it.

My dear, dear friends. Never forget one thing. The GOP is not pulling every anti democratic, vote suppressing measure that they can in the states because they see their star on the rise. Exactly the opposite, they are doing it to ensure that they retain minority rule, at least in the House, no matter how the national elections turn out. And the best way to combat that is to graphically show the country what the GOP’s minority rule would look like. Here endeth the lesson.

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  1. I think all of our political commercials should state these type of facts. Dems always seem to give the light touch to all the rotten stuff TFG’s people make happen.

  2. Democrats need to be blasting one very clear, undeniable word out loud in every ad about Repugnicans: FASCISTS. The GOPers always describe Democrats as either Socialists or Communists, inaccurately but tellingly. Time to apply a correctly targeted label to any and all Repugs; it will stick, trust me.


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