My God, They Have Managed to Make the Takeover Worse: Only 2 Repubs at Meeting? Gowdy, Nunes


Okay, now things are snowballing into the bizarre. When I wrote early yesterday morning about the White House “meeting with the DOJ to see ‘sensitive’ intelligence, along with members of Congress,” I of course thought they meant the leadership of both parties, or ranking members of the committees.

Then, of course, we heard it was “By Invitation to Republicans Only” – which, at first, was actually hard for me to believe, and then had me thinking that Democrats needed to file for a court injunction. It also had me envisioning a “gang of 8”-type where it’s the leaders of certain committees, including the Senate, where somehow there might be a way for someone responsible to attend the meeting.

No, again, I feel increasingly like someone who is getting successfully played, and there’s nothing I can do. Pick the 2 Republican HOUSE members that YOU think are the least credible, least trustworthy and most partisan, most “Trump-Protective”? And you have your answer.

Nunes is a man who by the very fact that he worked as a member of the Trump transition team should be disqualified from any investigation into Trump. Then, he got caught red-handed, almost literally, faking “finding important intel and running it to the White House” while all the while he got it at the White House. That Junior High-level stunt led to enough disgrace (at the time) that he felt he had to “recuse himself.” His own recusal lasted about a week, and came back in stages, to the point he had a “groundbreaking memo” pushed hard by Russian bots, and now can be seen as close to Trump as any member of Congress.

Gowdy made his living attacking Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration, he lived to attack them as a member of House “oversight” of the executive branch. Imagine how he has no real issues with the White House right now?

They even excluded Republican senators. They can’t trust Senators. Senators have longer terms and sometimes think long enough that they can come around on things and do what is best for country. There is decorum expected in the Senate, perhaps Republican Senators who would demand Democrats at least be represented. They couldn’t “trust” that branch of the Congress to “deal” in their takeover of the government.

I have no idea what Rosenstein’s motivation or rationale is for this meeting. Part of me keeps thinking there simply has to be something he’s getting out of this for principle and rule of law, and then it just keeps getting worse and he’s still there. I honestly don’t get it.

We have heard before that he has warned the White House that the Justice Department cannot be extorted, and he would quit if asked to do something to impact the Mueller investigation negatively.

Last, wanna know how we’ll make this week even worse? The rumor is that Trump is about to ask Jeff Sessions to “name a special prosecutor” to initiate an investigation into the Trump investigation. You can bet everything you have that there won’t be a “Robert Mueller” available when they get around to appointing that person. Start thinking about the most partisan politicians you know, the most vicious anti-Hillary and pro-Trump ones that are no longer in office.

When asked yesterday if he had confidence in Rosenstein, Trump answered: “Next Question.” He is at least setting up the justification to fire Rosenstein and install someone loyal to him. That person will fire Mueller.

Please, hear me, everyone. In normal times, in normal circumstances, what Trump has done over the last 2 days, by demanding to see evidence against him, by ordering the Justice department to investigate the investigation, and  agreem 2 compliant congressman, would alone be sufficient to impeach.

We’ve talked about “becoming” a dictatorship forever. This is it, it is happening now. They always said that a dictatorship would come with the statue of liberty holding a flag in one hand, a bible in the other, and would happen to thunderous applause …so far, it’s looking very good. They couldn’t know they’d have a “Trump” who would do it.



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