“What a long, strange trip it’s been.” — Grateful Dead

A number of characters in Trump world are coming to the end of the road and one of them is Rudy Giuliani. He has had quite a run, from being a respected SDNY federal prosecutor to America’s mayor, to Trump henchman to the Four Seasons Landscaping debacle. Now Giuliani is headed down to Georgia to testify before the Fulton County district attorney, despite him moving heaven and earth to avoid doing so.

Giuliani has also been informed he is a “target” meaning that an indictment is imminent.

Rudy sought a pre-emptive pardon from Trump as you may recall. It looks like now is when he could really use it. This isn’t his first time down to Georgia.

The crux of his conduct came during two hearings in December 2020, when Mr. Giuliani appeared before state legislative panels and spent hours peddling false conspiracy theories about secret suitcases of Democratic ballots and corrupted voting machines. He told members of the State House, “You cannot possibly certify Georgia in good faith.”

Rudy has been talking trash for quite some time. It will be good to see him finally pay the piper for the very strange tune that he’s been playing.



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  1. My oh my oh my. Lil rudy is not going to like prison down in GA. No he will not. Getting butt fucked every day of his prison sentence will make his ass hole much looser: who’ll know when he farts then?

  2. Unfortunately in most circumstances a politician and/or his toady lying is not a crime. Also IANAL, but how can you be pardoned for something you have not (yet) been charged with?


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