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Neo-Nazis attending a far right Music Fest this past weekend in Ostritz, Germany probably had a thirsty time of it after police seized copious amounts of their designated suds and town-folk bought up the rest…


“Beer and marching songs may have fuelled Adolf Hitler’s rise to power, but neo-Nazis faced an alcohol ban at a German rock festival at the weekend.

The ban was a new tool in the fight against neo-Nazi influence. Some 2,000 locals in the eastern town of Ostritz also rallied against the far right.

Police seized 4,200 litres (924 UK gallons) of beer in Ostritz on Friday, then 200 litres more on Saturday.

Locals also bought more than 200 crates of beer in the town’s supermarkets….

….An Ostritz society activist, Georg Salditt, told Germany’s popular Bild daily: “The plan was devised a week in advance. We wanted to dry the Nazis out. We thought, if an alcohol ban is coming, we’ll empty the shelves at the Penny [supermarket].”

That was a great idea, Georg, I assume the party is at your place this weekend….

Dry the Nazis out!


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  1. I would have bought up crates, then resold it to the Nazis at ten times the price…but in those crates would be Coors Light. My evil scheme comes to fruition! Bwa ha ha ha ha ha. Seriously, though, that been is disgusting.

    • My parents referred to Coors as “Colorado cool-aid”. They drank wine, or other brands of beer, and not “lite” beer. (I like beer more than wine, but it’s off-limits now. Though I did have a nice German alcohol-free beer a couple of weeks ago.)

  2. Germans have been known for inventive ways to foil & discourage German Nazis. Read a story once about allowing a permit to March for exorbitant fees and along the route German officials who issued the permit posted signs that read every step you Nazis just marched pays for (fill in the blank – everything the Nazis are marching against – housing for immigrants; donations to synagogues, etc.).


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