George Clooney is a self-made man whereas Donald Trump is a guy born with the proverbial silver spoon in his mouth and a gold toilet under his a$$. Trump calls Clooney a member of the “Hollywood Elite” thereby bad, whereas Trump, to the manor born, is somehow good. Don’t ask me to explain the conundrum but I don’t have to, because Clooney nails it.

Trump could never do what Clooney has done. Not any of it. Trump is a person of limited ability, who was born to great wealth and who manipulated said wealth and position into becoming a cultural side show. He had a show on TV for fourteen years wherein he played a billionaire. But people bought it, like people bought John Wayne playing a cowboy or a war hero. Wayne was the first to say he was nothing like his characters.

But Trump, on the other hand, having no character, went ahead and adopted his onscreen persona and to great effect. He did manage to finesse his way into the White House and now he’s trying to do it again. But the difference between 2016 and 2024 is that in 2016, it didn’t matter. Trump was planning on losing and then he and Steve Bannon were going to launch Trump TV and torment Hillary Clinton for the next four years.

But it didn’t work out that way. The sad part for Trump is that he might have gotten away with his crookedness in New York and other places, because the Manhattan D.A. and a lot of other people didn’t want to bring charges against him back in the day. He was the guy who contributed to the Police League, all that.

But being president and running again, all that changed. The level of scrutiny changed. A private citizen with shady business dealings is one thing, a sitting or former president who is running again, is a different kettle of fish.

And Trump is now learning that, to his dismay. Fred Trump is probably twirling in his grave these nights, because Donald has screwed it all up. As Fred, Sr. undoubtedly feared that he would.

But Trump still has control of the small-donations GOP spigot, to get him through. Let’s see if it works. At the rate his lawyers are getting sanctioned, censured and disbarred, he may be representing himself in propria persona next.


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  1. Good for Clooney. I still often wonder who Trump paid off to get his star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He sure as hell didn’t earn it and people who HAVE (I had no idea Clooney still doesn’t. WTF?) don’t have one. When it was suggested Trump’s star get removed the Board that oversees all that engaged in all kinds of hand-wringing and talk of by-laws that prevented them from doing something like that. THAT tells me Trump’s got “receipts” on who he “convinced” to give him his star. It would be too dangerous to do what I’d love to do which is use some of my Marine training to blast that sucker right out but I long for the day when enough pressure will be brought to bear that we witness the glorious sight of a couple of workers with jackhammers removing that blight on an iconic piece of Hollywood.

    • Inmate #P01135809 has a star because a sycophant nominated him (or he did it himself), he has more than 5 years of TV fame (infamy), and he agreed to have a star and pay $75K for it. He obviously would not turn it down and you know someone else paid for it. It really is that easy. I’d like to believe Clooney doesn’t have one because he values himself and his work more highly than that!

    • ALL the stars on the Walk of Fame are paid fpor by the people they are named fo. There is a committee that handles it and it is a set fee.Yes, you have to qualify,but you also have to pay, and the qualification doesn’t mean you have to be any good, just have some name recognition. Look it up on Wikipedia (I did when Carrie Fisher passed away and people were asking why she didn’t have one, Apparently she had better things to do with her monty.(0

  2. Two movies I really liked was O Brother Where Art Thou, and the other was the one where he played a husband who was cheated on in Hawaii and found out while his wife was dying. He also was burdened with deciding what to do with ancestral land that his family wanted to sell for the wealth. George, like his friend Brad Pitt, is much more than a handsome face.
    The only word I would change in your article would be finesse. Trump lied repeatedly, broke campaign laws, and got help from Russian intelligence to steal the election, thereby exposing how goddamn shallow and stupid millions of our fellow citizens really are.

    • “Trump lied repeatedly, broke campaign laws, and got help from Russian intelligence to steal the election, thereby exposing how goddamn shallow and stupid millions of our fellow citizens really are.” THIS



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