Pride goeth before a fall. Arrogance goeth before a pratfall

I have been loud and constant in my praise for the way President Biden has handled Vlad ther Imp during the Ukraine war. He’s been playing chess while Putin is playing solitaire, by outing every Putin plan before he can even try to put it in effect. And Putin has been furious, bitching about Biden and the US conducting diplomacy by bullhorn.

Well today, in a totally understated, beautifully crafted 4:30 press statement, Garland took a page from the Biden playbook, and led Traitor Tot around like a puppy on a leash. Garland calmly described the situation that led to the search, the DOJ’s attempts to settle it amicably, and a vague description of what they sought to retrieve. Then he defended his troops against slanderous attacks from the GOP and far right media.

And then Garland had his Hiroshima moment, and Trump was the target. Garland explained that, due to the fact that secrecy was no longer required, and the intense public scrutiny and interest in the search, local DOJ lawyers had gone to federal court in Florida and petitioned a judge to unseal the search warrant, as well as the inventory list of what was taken. And in doing so, he laid Trump wide open to finally being exposed for the oafish buffoon that he is. Because, I wrote yesterday that Trump miscalculated in thinking Garland didn’t have the cojones to actually move against him, and now he’s miscalculated again.

After the FBI search, His Lowness was far more furious at Garland for daring to defy him than he was at himself for being such a dunderhead in the first place. But being Trump, his mind immediately turned to looking for a way to turn this to his advantage.

And he settled on his all-time favorite, victimhood. And in arrogance miscalculated again. I wrote how Trump got spanked with a leather covered paddle with the search. But now he saw a chance for payback.

Because as far as the search went, Garland was as deferential as he could possibly be to Trump. The search was not announced, the FBI dressed in plainclothes, there was no media coverage, and after the search the DOJ continued to maintain radio silence. Only a total sociopath like Trump would mistake Garland’s deference for weakness, and decide Garland wanted to Hide the raid!

It was Trump himself who publicly announced the search, without releasing his copy of the warrant or inventory. He used words like Mob, Invasion, and occupation. Then he dropped 10 gallon hints of DOJ and FBI misconduct, sat back, and let his minions do the rest for him.

And his mangy hounds once again answered the whistle, everybody from far right MOC’s to FUX News, to the far right media has been bellowing about an illegal search, and accusing the FBI of planting evidence during the search, to come back later and find with another future search warrant.

Here’s the McGuffin. Ever since the search, Trump’s lawyers and close advisors have been telling him to lay off of his wild claims against the FBI and the DOJ. They knew that Trump didn’t have a legal leg to stand on, and feared exactly this, the DOJ unsealing the search warrant and removal inventory list. When those come out, Trump’s fraud will become clear. Why set up your allies for a fall like that?

MSNBC just reported that the Florida federal judge has scheduled a hearing for 3:30 EDT tomorrow to rule on unsealing the documents. And Trump is in the hurt locker. After screaming about prosecutorial misconduct, and a political set-up, how does he argue to the court to seal the documents that would show the world how he just got jobbed?

Which means that the Trumpista members of congress like Kevin McCarthy, Steve Scalise, Laborious MTG, Sugar Daddy Matt Gaetz, Jim He groped me coach! Jordan and Lauren Boebert are about to have enough egg on their faces to start their own omelet shoppe. How many times will they make themselves look like fools to their own constituents on behalf of an overstuffed poltroon?

The news today that a deranged Trump supporter who was at the Capitol on January 6th ran into the FBI field office today, armed with a construction style nail gun and an assault rifle, fired off shots, and led law enforcement on a chase to a barricade situation in which he was killed, is only going to make Trump more of a pariah. How do GOP members of congress continue to blindly support a man who has whipped his mob up to the point that they are willing to kill random FBI agents in revenge for Trump’s electoral defeat?

I don’t know where this goes from here, but I fear it’s nowhere good. I wrote yesterday that while Trump’s far right militias like the Loud Toys and the Oath Kreepers don’t give a shit about Trump personally, they’re more than willing to use his name as a banner if they spot a weakness and decide to create murder and mayhem. And the longer the GOP continues to support Trump, the more they tie themselves to this far right insanity. Don’t touch that dial.



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  1. After his lawyers told him the STFU and, as usual, he kept flapping his gums will they now stop embarrassing themselves and tell him to go fuck himself? I’m not sure there is enough money to wipe this stain off of any attorney but the shit stain on these guys must be UN-fucking-believable. How they continue to represent him I’ve no idea but I have even less of an idea WHY they would continue to do so. Do you lose all sense of pride when you become an attorney?

  2. TFG forced AG Garland to lay the perfect trap. Garland didn’t want to draw any attention to the search. But the Mango Menace couldn’t leave well enough alone, he had to gin up his followers and make the FBI the bad guy. So, after one misguided follower attacked the Cincinnati FBI office, Garland comes out and says we’re trying to unseal the warrant and inventory, while also backing up the FBI. If TFG objects to the unsealing, what does that say? If he doesn’t, all his brain-dead followers discover he was hoarding vital US secrets, which he probably hoped to sell to the highest bidder. Heads, he loses; tails, he loses. Win/win for us.

  3. Trump needs to be arrested and jailed for stealing classified information when he left office. I wouldn’t be surprised if he took top secret information with the idea of selling it to the highest bidder. Trump needs to be incarcerated as soon as possible. In my opinion he’s a traitor to his country, all for money.

  4. This Al Capone quote easily applies to Merrick Garland: “Do not mistake my kindness for weakness. I am kind to everyone I meet. But if you are unkind to me, my kindness will not be what you remember.”

  5. How ironic that it’s Trump himself & a deranged Trumper that moves merrick to finally show some goddamn fight. He may want to work in secret but that train left the station 6 years ago as the rolling wave of lies undermined facts, science, the law & our democracy. Now Trump has forced his hand & the attorney General reminded him who’s in charge of frumpy’s future. Good news especially when the documents come out. Guess the Saudis won’t get those nuclear secrets after all. I’m sure they would pay plenty. Look what they did to the PGA to whitewash their brutality. They offered tiger a billion.

    • Really Scott what make you think there wasn’t 30 boxes of docs when the Saudis put on the golf shindig at Mar a logo? Probably already got what they wanted who will ever know? But Trump made a misstep, he thought this “raid” would galvanize his supporters and they would dig deep to support him as he fights what ever imaginary foe he is currently valiantly subduing for them. And it is working Trump’s net worth (in donations)(no strings attached) has increased by millions. I guess it’s true? A fool and their money are soon parted. But alas and alack, by going for the plum, he dropped his guard and Garland caught him with one he never seen coming. This was always about Trump getting richer His foolish supporters will continue to believe his bull even after he is totally exposed and still give him money. Pitiful the whole lot of them!

  6. I have one f’ing thing to say to diaper don and his gang of thugs, ask Breonna Taylor about raids. In other words stfu. He was treated with kid gloves, the gloves need to come off. This fat douche deserves zero respect.

    • He deserves a cigarette, a blindfold, & the question, “do you have any last words before your sentence is carried out?”

  7. Note the presence of the documents does not mean copies of them have not already been compromised or sold. There’s this thing called a copy machine. We may never know.

  8. “But, but I made Mar a Lago the ‘Winter White House’ a lot of years ago so I didn’t actually remove any documents”

    Would you mind returning it to the US Government then?

    • If memory serves Marjorie Merriweather Post built Mar A Lago envisioning it as a Presidential Retreat and even “Winter White House” but JFK didn’t find it practical for such purposes. Neither did succeeding Presidents and her vision went unfulfilled leading to the place if not falling into disrepair not being kept up in the manner she’d maintained it. It took a while after her death, but eventually it wound up in Trump’s hands.

      The thing is, ole Marjorie Merriwather Post was a classy lady and would have stood there giving the order to the demolition crew to bulldoze it all to the ground rather than have Donald Trump owning it! The speed with which she’s spinning in her grave could light up a major city if the means to hook her up to a generator existed. I’m agnostic, but if there was a god I can’t help but believe that long ago the northwest eye (the most destructive part in wind, rain and tidal surge) Category 5 (although a 4 would probably do the job) would have hit Mar A Lago and wiped it off the map.

  9. The same fools that said Jimmy Carter wasn’t qualified to be president although he was a nuclear engineer? The same fools that demanded he sell his peanut farm because he could be comprised for owning it while president?
    Any idea why they are called republiCLOWNS now?

  10. Ptg0 No Rep’s have a memory attention span of about 3 hours. The most ardent defender of Trump the freedom fighter is Ted Cruz who’s father, Donny accused of helping plot the JFK assignation. Strange bed fellows indeed?


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