The Furkids team has been looking forward to the Autumn Equinox because they’ve had quite enough of Summer. They like the idea of cosying up on warm laps and in warm beds, sleeping in and watching the changing outdoor weather from the comfort of the warm and dry indoors.

This year they’re dedicating their Equinox celebration to their wonderful Aunt Sebastiene who called her YouTube channel Black and Orange after her favourite holiday and was nicknamed Autumn by her followers. Sebastiene has two beloved kitties: Bailey Boo-Boo Zen Kitty and Brave Sir Alfred of the Pumpkin.

The glorious magic fingers of Roger Williams usher in Autumn. Although this is entirely an instrumental recording of the song, the melody — played at first by the orchestra then later taken up by the piano — is easy to follow and the team is confident you will manage very well!

They found some loose change down the backs of their favourite chairs so the jukebox is primed and ready. Just press play, scroll down through the illustrated lyrics and sing along!

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  1. {{{Michelle}}} Lovely song, lovely lyrics, lovely illustrations. & and the Furkids did good. (& the Coda is perfect.) Skritches and Healing Energy and moar {{{HUGS}}} all around, as appropriate.

    • It’s a favourite.

      With loving hugs 🤗🍃🧡🍁🤗Barbara🤗🍃🧡🍁🤗

      and scritches for 🧡Charlie🍁Cloud🍃Freddie🍂Bobbie🌿Rennie🧡

    • I will certainly listen to Rickie Lee Jones’s rendition and may use it next time! Thank you for the recommendation, they are always welcome.


  2. Michelle, you did it again. I love the choice of music for Autumn. The pics are so adorable. I just want to cuddle with all the kiddos.

    Love this.


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