Catmus is such an exciting time of year!

But it can become very hectic with so many things to do and it’s all too easy to feel overwhelmed by it all. To prevent everyone from getting stressed out, the Furkids team put together this guide to prepping for Catmus.

Heads up: some of the text is in Fur-Speak in order for the Furkids to have their own voice. The spelling may look rather odd at first but it is phonetic which makes it easy to translate. An important note: this is not because the Furkids can’t spell, it’s more a case of them having very little interest in our spelling and a delight in their own unique approach. Also, Fur-Speak varies from region to region just as language and accents vary for humans. There is no one correct version of Fur-Speak; all of them are correct!


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    • Because December is such a busy month, I’d love to make this one of the annual posts and may do so with just minor updates each year. I hope everyone likes the Fur-Speak too because there’s more of that next week when the cats and dogs get to put together their personal gift lists!

      The Twelve Days before the Twelve Days of Catmas begins on December 13 with two Catmas carols for the final two weekly posts. One song is an old favourite and the other is new. I want to add a new one each year until I build up at least six or seven of them to rotate through the years. Boxing Day is, of course, a tradition, and the New Year’s Eve special is an annual that is updated each year.

      With healing vibrations and moar 🤗🎄💛🎄🤗Barbara🤗🎄💛🎄🤗
      and scritches for 🎄Charlie💛Cloud💛Freddie💛Bobbie💛Rennie🎄

  1. FWIW, Jackson Galaxy, the host of “My Cat From Hell,” says cats don’t like wearing clothes. Something about having sensitive whisker-like hairs all over their body.

    • I’ve watched Jackson’s video about this; it makes a lot of sense. That’s why I prefer to dress up cats digitally so they don’t have to suffer it but we can see how they look. There are a few cats, though rare, who are happy to wear clothing. For some cats, it is about warmth but most, in my experience, are cats who live with dogs who enjoy dressing up. Dogs are far more amenable to the idea.
      I think it may also have been Jackson who alerted me to the concern about “whisker stress” which is why I switched out Loula’s food bowls for saucers.
      But cats do love massages – I learned that from a Canadian vet’s videos. Loula adores her back and cheek massages; her whole body vibrates with her purring!


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