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  1. {{{Michelle}}} Catnaps are good. All my cats think so. Thank you & the Furkids for the giggles. Skritches to Ms. Loula. Healing Energy & moar {{{HUGS}}} to you.

    • I reckon catnaps are good too – I’ve taken plenty of them since my op last Monday! ?
      Moar hugs with lots of love to ?????Barb?????
      with scritches and cuddles for
      ??Charlie ? Cloud ? Freddie ? Bobbie ? Murf ? Rennie ??

    • The Furkids team love making you chuckle and smile and they’re totally prepared to take full responsibility (i.e. credit) for it!

    • I didn’t want to point it out (because she was having a grump about it at the time) but the pink does match her nose!

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