We’ve finally transitioned to post-midterms – it was a long time coming! The Furkids were hoping to be celebrating this weekend but we’re not quite there yet. Democrats have retained the Senate and, we hope, they’ll expand it by one after the Georgia runoff.

Meanwhile, voting continues in the House and it may be some weeks before we have a final result, especially in Alaska where they’re working out how to count preferential ballots. The Furkids offered to help – they assured me they know all about preferences and have enough fingers and toes between them to cover big numbers. I explained that food preferences weren’t the same as vote preferences so it might be best this time to leave it to the hoomins to figure it out.

They’re still hopeful that Democrats will also retain the House and chose a song to reflect their upbeat stance on the subject. So get comfy, press play on the jukebox – there were still enough coins left over from their campaigning – then scroll down to their illustrated lyrics and sing along!

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    • I’ll pass it on – the Furkids love positive feedback!

      PS: Do you still have 2 cats?


  1. {{{Michelle}}} Well done, Furkids. You/we *are* still standing, *are* true survivors. Skritches & {{{HUGS}}} & Healing Energy. (Milkshakes are good. I prefer chicken tikka masala to fish but it’s still good. Not sure how good either would be as Whiskas flavoring though.)

    • It was Suzanne from the UK who mentioned this song to me last week and I knew it was exactly the right one for this stage of the post-election waiting-for-final-results period. I’m glad Dems have secured the Senate majority, even if it is only on paper. I’m bitterly disappointed that Manchin and Sinema will still hold the balance of power. I’m hoping JD Vance never bothers to turn up – he spent much of his campaign vacationing in California because campaigning bores him. I hope he beats Rubio’s record for chronic absenteeism.

      like you, I also prefer chicken tikka masala. I like my fish cooked in the air fryer and served with salad. That’s how Loula prefers her fish too. She’d definitely turn her nose up at fish tikka masala!


      scritches for ❤️Charlie🐱Cloud🐱Freddie🐱Bobbie🐱Rennie❤️

    • Larry is so adorable! It’s no wonder the police on guard at Number 10 love any excuse to pick him up and give him a cuddle before relocating him to the back garden or inside the house when traffic is expected to arrive at the front door. They are as much his security detail as they are the PM’s!

    • Thank you for the heads-up. I think I know how to fix the broken link.
      I’ve been working on this year’s 12 Days before the 12 Days of Catmas and it’s nearly ready so I’ll start scheduling it soon – no peeking!


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