The Furkids team wanted one of their happy songs to round off the month. They seem to have a bottomless bag of these simple melodies with happy lyrics, and this week they reached back to the middle of last century for a classic in the genre, sung by Perry Como.

We still have plenty of coins left over from last week so the jukebox is full and ready to go! Time to get comfy, press play and tune those vocal cords before scrolling down the lyrics and singing along!

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  1. Michelle, of all my favorite FurKids, this may be my most favorite (for now!). Falling stars, pockets full of joy and kissing koalas. Perfection!

    Perry Como was a big part of the soundtrack of many of our lives. The FurKids love love, and Mr. Como was married for 65 years. He has three stars on the Hollywood walk of fame.

  2. {{{Michelle}}} Lovely. Just lovely. Childhood memories and all that. You and the Furkids did a really *stellar* job today. 😁 Skritches & {{{HUGS}}} and Healing Energy all around, as appropriate.

  3. This is magical. I particularly like the koala reaching out to catch the falling star. Wonderful, wonderful, Mopsy. Another triumph.


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