The Furkids maintain that a great many songs were written about them like this one by Robert Palmer and they very carefully chose photographs to prove the point.

As often happens, there were a great many more photographs than were needed to illustrate the lyrics but after some amicable discussion, the furbabies fell asleep and their elders decided to leave the final selection process to me. (It should be noted that one tiger laid a very pointed paw on a particular set of prints so I thought it prudent to include those.)

The Furkids brought Easter money for the jukebox – I didn’t think chocolate money would work but they assured me it would. So when you’re ready, just press play then scroll down to the lyrics and sing along. Please note that the first line is not part of the lyric but is there to set the scene. Also, we conclude with a special note about Wild Koala Day!

March 3 is Wild Koala Day! Wild Koala Day | Saving Koalas



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  1. {{{Michelle}}} The posts you & the Furkids create are “simple irresistible” – thank you. This is a great start to a new month. (Or Beltane celebration here. Samhain where you are. LOL.) Skritches to Ms. Loula. Healing Energy & moar {{{HUGS}}} to you.

    • The one I like is May Day in France which is celebrated with Lily of the Valley. Mum and I were in Paris in 1991 and there were young girls handing out posies of Lily of the Valley to everyone. I was delighted! It was my favourite flower when I was young. Nana grew them under the roses and hydrangeas in her garden. She grew colourful tulips in the front garden too.
      Hugs with love for you ?????Barbara?????
      and skritches to ?Charlie?Cloud?Freddie?Bobbie?Murf?Rennie?

  2. Thanks as always ((((((Michelle)))))))! These are adorable! I LIke the song too. The furkids did great and you did great picking pics after they nodded off!

    • Sometimes I wonder what it is they actually had in mind and just hope I get close enough to their vision. They haven’t sacked me yet so I figure I’m doing okay! ? ? ?
      hope Life is treating you well. ❤️?

  3. I always want to say that this is your best one yet, Michelle, but they’re all so superb! I enjoyed this one so much. I’ve always liked this song, and the furkids and you made perfect choices for the illustrations. Thank you, as always!


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