Funday Furkids: So You Say You Want a Resolution…


The Funday Furkids team consists of a variety of furred, finned and feathered critters and one hoomin: moi aka Michelle aka Mopshell (latterly of DK). It will post each week on Sunday at 10:55am ET – which is why the original series name was going to be Sunday Funday until the team pointed out that we may want to post extra stories from time to time, on special occasions that don’t occur on a Sunday. They tell me that babee furkids might be confused if Sunday Funday posted on a Wednesday. So, taking all that into account, we dropped the Sunday and went with Funday Furkids instead.

The team will use a number of different formats for their stories: Singalongs, TEDdybear talks (aka information and advice for hoomins), Celebrations and HowTo articles.

This, our very first PolitiPet post, is debuting on the first Sunday of a brand new year, when this century finally turns 21 (and we hope it’s a far more responsible year than the last four). The team decided that this is the purrfect time to consider New Year resolutions and they’re here to help.

This story takes the form of a singalong, in which the team chooses a song, provides a jukebox to play the song (aka YouTube vid) followed by their illustrations of the lyrics (which may vary slightly from the original because the furkids will change them to what they think the words should be). The idea is for you to press play then scroll down through the lyrics, singing along as you scroll.

The team received some Christmas money so there were plenty of coins for the jukebox this week. All you need to do is press play, scroll and sing along!





















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  1. Hi Mopshell! This was so much fun. I look forward to more pootie diaries–I’ll see if my Linus the Lionheart has anything to contribute.

  2. {{{Michelle}}} so wonderful to see you in action again – & be able to comment. What a wonderful new year’s gift. moar {{{HUGS}}}

  3. Great job, Michelle. There were so many great pictures I can’t pick out a favorite. Welcome to this site. I look forward to more pootie and woozle stuff.

    • Hi Mina! I’m loving it here already and there will be more Funday Furkids – every Sunday at 11am ET (and maybe one during the week if the planets align properly!).

  4. Been wondering where’d you gotten to on DK……….or have I been missing the posts? I live with a bunch of furkids who allow me to stay under their roof–four cats and one dog; and then three ferals who queue up twice a day every day rain or shine snow or heat for their two hots. So it’s great to see an entire diary committed to the best among us–our furry and feathered and sometimes leathery friends. Thank you for this.

    • I got bojo’d from DK so here I am on PolitiZoom! Brought the furkids team with me! I’m so glad you found me here, Carroll Ann. We’ll be here every Sunday at 11am ET.

      • Hi Mopsy! I have an idea why I got booted from DK (hurting Bros’ fee-fees) but I can’t imagine what “reason” they had for booting you. Same with Barbara. Autocratic little assclowns. Anyway, I’m glad you’re here, and I’m so, so pleased the furbaby columns have a new home.

          • I always knew it was going to happen eventually because I’d get timed out so often for made-up reasons. Once I got timed out after complaining to the Help Desk about a comment from WB Reeves who told me that because I was Australian I had no right to comment on American politics. Many times I’ve been told in comments to stop with the politics and stick to pootie diaries. If I complained, I’d get the time out so I stopped complaining to the Help Desk.

            The last time I was timed out, there was no explanation given. When I asked at the Help Desk for the reason, I was bojo’d, again with no explanation.

            So here I am and I feel free!

        • There’s someone over there in Admin who really had it in for me. I’d get the time out if I dared complain about someone attacking me and they’d go free. I got time out – and called racist – for criticising McConnell’s wife Elaine Chao. (Apparently she’s a wonderful person because she was born in China, who knew.) I got a time out for defending Democrats against a scathing and unfair attack in the diary and in comments. (Didn’t DK used to be a Dem site?)

          I’m soooooo glad to be here!

          • The place has gone to hell. The admins are either strutting little tyrants who arbitrarily mete out punishments for little or no reason, or mousy little shits who let the others get away with it. Piss on ’em. I’m glad you and Barbara found your way here.

  5. Hi, Mopsy! This was so adorable! (As per usual.) And I’m so glad we can get together here. I always love when the furkids adjust the lyrics, and they did a very good job with that today. As always, I marvel at the work you put into this. It’s much appreciated!

  6. That was fun. I’ll admit to looking across the room at pictures of my “boys”, a pair of party colored spaniels at the “It’s gonna be – alright” line. With all the crazy that’s gone on I increasingly think about events after the older one passed over the Rainbow Bridge. Their personalities were quite different. Corky was very affectionate and slept snuggled up to my leg every night. Sparky always wanted to be nearby but hated being held and never, ever snuggled.

    Except for one period of time.

    Let me back up a bit. Sparky had a doggie bed he slept in but when I’d get into bed when Corky joined me to settle in he’d jump up there too in a sort of “I’m here” so deal with it way. Corky would get pissed and jump down and Sparky would follow him. It would go this way for several minutes, this game of “musical woozles” jumping in and out of bed with me but eventually Sparky would head to his doggie bed to settle in and Corky would be comfortable snuggled up against my leg. The first few nights after Corky died Sparky wouldn’t even come near my bed. And then…

    After a few nights Sparky began to join me in bed, snuggling up against my shoulder! He did this for about a month – we both needed it. Then after that initial adjustment period one night Sparky jumped up into bed as I got comfortable, then jumped down and went over to his doggie bed. I think by that time we both knew we’d be okay as we’d fallen into a new routine during awake hours. He never slept in bed with me again until one night shortly before his own time came when I put him up there with me for a bit. (He couldn’t jump up there on his own) He stayed put for a bit but managed to get up and go over to the edge but was afraid to jump down. So I got up and moved his doggie bed from the wall across from the foot of my bed to right up next to the bed near the headboard. I positioned my head right at the edge of the bed so I could look down at him, and he had his little head draped over the side so he could look at me.

    I guess the point of my writing all this (I don’t know if you ever saw it but I wrote about it over on dk) is that in some tough times it was my woozles who carried me through. And all these years later, it’s those pictures (an eight by ten of each and one of the three of us together plus another one of the two of them that’s a separate story) that can still bring a smile to my face when things seem so bad I struggle for hope.

    It’s what helps me believe that “It’s gonna be – alright.”

    • Thank you for sharing. It was beautiful and heart-warming to hear about Corky and Sparky. Thay’ll both be waiting for you over the Rainbow Bridge, just as my darling Janzi waits for me.

      • Oh the stories I could tell. Not just about those two, but also Ruff who was my four legged companion when I was young. He was a classic “Heinz 57” as in mutt.

  7. Don’t forget to “like” her article in the little blue box to the left under the headline. It’s like recommending a diary on DailyKos.

  8. YES YES.. TY to Murf and Ursula for great new Features addition to PolitiZoom TEAM.. sharing post .. and the Beatles ! Just look at them!

  9. YES YES TY to @PolitiZoom for great new feature addition .. way looking forward to Sundays 2021 now.
    SHARING … and also sharing link to that updated Beatles video remake posted 2015. Just look at them! What year was it recorded?

    • Just looked it up – The Beatles recorded “Revolution” in 1968. It was the B-side to “Hey Jude”.

      The Funday Furkids are very excited to be at PolitiZoom and looking forward to next Sunday already!

    • It took an absolute age – steep learning curve! But I’m really pleased with the result. Hopefully I’ll get better and faster! I’m really happy you liked it.

  10. Oh, mopsie!! It’s so good to see one of your spectacular sing-a-long diaries. I’m glad we found each other on Twitter. This was wonderful!! I sang all the way through. For former DK peeps–I’m the pollster.

    • Linda! ?❤️ I’m so thrilled to see you here! It’s quite a different process to set up a sing-a-long here but so worth it when it turns out well. I’m already looking forward to next Sunday!

  11. Michelle? I don’t know no Michelle but I know me some Mopsy ?

    Glad to see you. Ursula made a great decision including you in PZ!

    Thought this played with the theme! Happy New Year! ????

    • That was the purrfect song! Thank you so much for finding me here – them’s some great detecting skills you got there, Batch!

  12. Sorry, I just couldn’t follow the instructions once the video started. I had to watch the lads and thought the whole time that they were what we needed these last four years! Loved those young boys and their fun spirit But I did catch up on the rest of the critters after and those were fun. I admit to not being a Pootie/Woozle follower at the mothership, though my name there, She’s The Boss refers to my little black cat who has commandeered my life, my computer table and every other horizontal surface, not to mention my heart. Welcome to PZ, Michelle, a kinder, gentler space to spin your tales and watch the world from.

    • Oh dear, I’m so sorry the instructions weren’t a little simpler. Perhaps this is better:
      >Press play on the jukebox (aka YouTube video)
      >When the music starts, scroll down to the first lyric image
      >Keep scrolling through the lyrics and sing along!

      I am glad you eventually found the illustrations. I promise to do a couple more simpler songs before we get into opera!

      She’s The Boss is the purrfect name for your feline overlord! Looking forward to hearing more about her.

  13. (Happy, relieved little sigh)
    So glad to see you here.
    *Really* glad to see how many other people have already been here to say that.

  14. I’m so glad to see you over here! Peeps miss you very much… BMScott has this one up today, so that we can get our “Mopshell hit” 🙂 I’ve let them know you’re over here…


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