Before we plunge into this week’s theme, there’s a little outstanding business from last week to tidy away first. If you want a refresher, here’s a link to last week’s episode: Famous Movie Quotes, and here are the misquotes/quotes matched with their movies.

How did you do? I didn’t know all of them. Five of the films I haven’t seen though I’m sure I’ve come across scenes from them all at one time or another. A couple of the quotes I ascribed to different movies altogether! But it was fun and fun, as Dr Seuss would say, is good.


Now to this week’s theme: rain. In the Northern Hemisphere, some have been struggling with snow and ice while the rest are getting rain, lots and lots of rain.

Here in the tropical zone of the Southern Hemisphere, we too have been inundated with rain. Our Summer season is known as The Wet and it’s living up to its name. During a particularly heavy downpour, this piece of Doc-Seussian verse sprang to mind.

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  1. These are adorable! I have to say that my 2 dogs, a dachshund and chihuahua-corgi mix hated their raincoats. I could not get them to wear them and walk on a leash.

  2. {{{Michelle}}} what a lovely way to wrap up the day. (It *is* raining here right now but it’s a cold late winter/early spring rain.) You were at your ‘Seussian’ best. Moar {{{HUGS}}}

  3. And here I am (again) at the “usual” time for a Michelle/Mopshell fur family diary – Monday after lunch. LOL. I will get the shift in post times in my head and fingers soon, I hope. I enjoyed reading it again. Yours are always good rereads. {{{Michelle}}}


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