Jesus, sometimes life can be sweet! MSMBC has reported that pampered manchild Madison Cawthorn actually had to put his big boy pants on, pick up the phone, and concede that he had lost his primary. Personally, I wouldn’t want to be a bug on that phone line for triple frequent flyer points. That must have been a whine fest of biblical proportions.

But we’re not out of the woods yet, for a very simple reason. While Fratty Maddy may have lost his primary, and won’t have the opportunity to run for reelection in November, he’s still a sitting congressman until January. And that’s not good news for the rest of us.

Because, like his mentor, Traitor Tot, Cawthorn is a self-contained, snotty, selfish, pampered manchild. He has one of the worst voting records in the House, mostly because he has been too busy trying to self aggrandize himself and fund raise to bother doing the job that the people sent him to Washington to do.

Because Madison Cawthorn is now officially off of his leash, and there’s no stopping him. He will be out in January. You thought they might rein in Trump’s golden-haired boy who was a petulant pain in the ass for the last two years? Just watch him now! He can say and do whatever he wants. God Knows Kreepy Kevin McCarthy isn’t going to make any attempt to rein in Trump’s golden-haired boy.

Cawthorn is no different from Trump, he is at heart a cheap con man. And now that he knows that the gravy train is over, But you can bet your ass that he’s going to ride it all the way into the station. Hew may as well set up a cot in the green room at FIX News, so he can go on air every other hour to pimp his soon to be created Leadership PAC. He’ll take to the well of the House and say whatever he wants, the more toxic and noxious the better, just so long as it pleases the Trump base and keeps the gravy train rolling along. So yes, the good news is that we’re easily done with Madison Cawthorn as a national political embarrassment. The bad news is that we have 7 1/2 long months left before Madison Cawthorn is officially out of the house, and he is going to make our lives a living hell for every single one of those days.


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  1. Murf, Murf, Murf…while I am certain that is what he’d LIKE to be doing, Cawthorn may be more contained than we realize. Say what you will about what remains of the old school GOP power structure (and we’ve both said legion) but they had to have anticipated a play like what you’re talking about since they wanted to nuke him in the primary. He pulls any more heinous stunts on his way out, his post-congressional career WILL be wrecked before it even gets started. Guarantee you that they control most of those spaces still, enough to sink him.

    • No he was dead man walking and now he’s dead man talking. The most amazing thing about Mr. Cawthorn is that he broke with GOP tradition and conceded the election. Trump must be shocked now and beginning to realize that Cawthorn wasn’t a team player, not understanding the word “concede”.

  2. You have an awful lot of typographical errors in there plus incomplete sentences. I had a hard time figuring out what you meant in some parts. You should have either reread and corrected it before publishing or had someone else do it for you.

    • Sigh…I’m going to assume you are unaware that Murf has glaucoma, hence the spelling and grammatical errors. And to the inevitable question of why no editor, I can only say that you would need to ask him.


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