I was greatly entertained by the 1/6 committee meeting tonight to hold Mark Meadows in criminal contempt of congress, for a couple of reasons. First of all, in the two previous contempt votes, it was quick. Chairman Thompson and co-Chair Cheney read statements, and then they called the vote. But not tonight. Tonight, almost every member of the committee wanted time to speak and dump shit on the head of a former colleague. I loved the public shaming.

But it was co-Chair Liz Cheney’s prepared statement that got my whiskers twitching. She read out into the record a series of text messages that were sent to Meadows asking him to get the President to do something. And lo and behold, they were all from FUX News personalities!

And those frenzied text messages, sent at the zenith of the destruction showed two things. First of all, it showed that the FUX News stars all know that it was over!, and that Trump had actually lost, with no vote fraud. Laura Ingraham begged Meadows to have Trump tell the crowd to stand down, because he was destroying his legacyFUX host Brian Kilmeade begged Meadows to make Trump act, saying that he was destroying everything he had accomplished. And Sean Hannity begged Meadows to get Trump to call it off before it destroyed everything. Their wording clearly shows that all of these people knew that Trump had lost, fair and square, and that it was over.

But it was the second revelation that was even worse, especially for FUX and these soulless assholes. In the days following the insurrection, pretty much every FUX News personality other than Chris Wallace hopped onto the Antifa/BLM movements for being responsible for the violence at the Capitol. The Trump protesters were peaceful little lambs, overpowered by far left anarchists!

OK. If that’s the case, then why were those same FUX personalities desperately texting Mark Meadows in the middle of the riot to demand that he have Trump call his minions off? Those frantic texts show that, at the very moment of the insurrection, they all knew that the riot was nothing more or less than a mob of Trump supporters, with no Antifa or BLM protesters involved.

I honestly don’t know how much more shameful that these ghouls can get. There texts in the moment clearly show that they all knew that it was Trump supporters causing the violence, and that the election results were fair and impartial. Somebody needs to petition the FCC to pull the News moniker from the FUX Propaganda Network.

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  1. Those texts she read from Faux Nooz personalities got my attention too. Wouldn’t you love to have seen Trump’s reaction to them? The flaming orange human shaped rectum we know as Donald Trump probably exploded! Sadly, that’s not enough to kill him as we know damn well he’s blows at the seams plenty of times before. Right Wing sites needed to be FLOODED with those texts – with notice given to the date and time each was sent. Faux Nooz will of course ignore this and hope it goes away in a day or two. Hopefully the bosses of the rest of the big outlets will play this up in the days and weeks ahead. If I was still working up at my old spot in Martinsburg WV I’d print screen grabs once they are available and pin them to the wall of my cubicle!

  2. “Somebody needs to petition the FCC to pull the News moniker from the FUX Propaganda Network.”

    Unfortunately, Fox News is basically exempt from FCC oversight as its a “cable” channel rather than a public broadcast channel–that is, AM and FM radio as well as standard VHF and UHF TV channels. Most broadcast TV channels are what we usually designate as “network affiliates” (but there are some independent stations, including the “superstations”) and when using standard, old-fashioned TV sets, you could only pick up whatever channels were within the range of your set’s antenna (whether built-in to the set or the old-fashioned “rabbit ears” that had to be hooked up to your set). You could buy a special antenna that you put on the roof (or attached to some other high/elevated part of your house) and it would be connected to a box generally placed on top of the TV (wherever you’d normally put your antenna/rabbit ears) and the box would have a dial that you would have to turn to get to the TV stations within your area (my understanding was that the dial would cause the antenna to rotate in the the direction of the station to pick up the signal).
    All that was basically rendered moot when cable companies came onto the scene. Where you might have a local network affiliate as Channel 6 in your area and an affiliate of another network as Channel 8 in your area and another network affiliate as Channel 16 (on the UHF settings–if your TV didn’t have a UHF dial, you were SOL), now your local cable company could assign them as cable channels 3, 4 and 7. And, since the cable company would be providing a dozen or more other channels (eg, ESPN, MTV, HBO, etc) as part of your cable package which could all be assigned to any random channel numbers because the signals for all the networks (whether the traditional “Big 3” or the various specialty cable networks) were being captured by the cable company’s satellite and then essentially retransmitted through phone lines (with the signals being “restored” through your in-house cable box), the old “broadcast channel numbers” largely became irrelevant (they were still necessary for station identification). But, it was those original broadcast channels that remained governed by the FCC so the “original” channels 6, 8 and 16 (from the above example) were under the FCC’s thumb (even as cable channels 3, 4 and 7) while ESPN, MTV, HBO and all the rest were basically allowed to do whatever they wanted; they did generally restrain themselves within certain internal guidelines (the “basic cable” channels typically operated under the same language, violence and sex/nudity guides of the “Big 3” networks while the “premium” channels–HBO, Showtime, pay-per-view–tended to be less likely to self-censor although they were still likely to avoid anything too “extreme”).
    Fox Broadcasting–the network that airs shows like “The Simpsons” and “The Masked Singer”–IS still subject to FCC oversight while Fox “News” is not.

  3. I only receive broadcast channels. I refuse to pay anything for the garbage spewing forth from the television. At one time I did pay for basic cable but the provider kept raising the cost. After two raises, and no changes in quality, I told them to fuck off, put up an inexpensive antennae on my roof, and never looked back. One of my better decisions.

    I watch PBS, thankfully a broadcast station, and nothing else. My television is used for watching DVD’s when I am not watching PBS.


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