Let’s start marking up our calendars and see if this washing machine scandal holds up as long as the gas stove one did. Fox News milked the gas stove manufactured crisis dry. There’s not one drop of moisture left in it.

So Fox had to come up with another cri de coeur, and they searched. And they searched again and then some more on top of that.

Finally, they got lucky. The Great 2023 Washing Machine Debacle. This will go down in the annals (anals?) of Fox News along with Tan Suit and President Poupon.

Fox News:

“Like many efficiency standards, the government claims that although these standards will raise the cost of appliances, they are justified because they will reduce consumer spending on energy and water even more. Of course, if that were true, consumers would likely buy more efficient appliances anyway, given that studies show consumers consider energy and water costs,” American Enterprise Institute Senior Fellow James Coleman told Fox News Digital. “If consumers do fully consider what they will pay on energy in their individual circumstances, then the standards would, on-net, harm consumers.”

“This proposal builds on the more than 110 actions the Biden-Harris administration took in 2022 to strengthen energy efficiency standards and save the average family at least $100 annually through lower energy bills,” the Department of Energy said in a press release. “Collectively these energy efficiency actions will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 2.4 billion metric tons, save consumers $570 billion cumulatively over 30 years, and support President Biden’s ambitious clean energy agenda to combat the climate crisis.”

So what treasure of yours is Joe Biden coming for next?

  1. Toaster?
  2. Bidet?
  3. Mother of Pearl caviar spoon?
  4. Kitty litter box?

He’s already come for the gas stove, Dr. Suess and M&Ms, so where will it all end? Hmm??

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  1. Whoever the faux nuz moron (but I repeat myself) was who uttered this nonsense is forgetting something very near and dear to rupert’s heart: a whole heap of “muricans” are fucking idiots. Fucking idiots as in they would not research anything for fear they would clutter their minds with things like facts. Anything not carefully spoon-fed with as much value as 20 day old pablum they consider to be evil, anti-american, non-patriotic… THIS is why the government does the testing, does the research: because our nation is full of people who would rather use horse de-wormer than actual effective medicine. The orange shit-gibbon knew his audience when he suggested folks inject themselves with bleach.

  2. Capitalist cry about any regulation. They fought seat belts. Besides, regulations didn’t keep all those white people in Ohio safe nor the second largest bank in ‘Merica. Oh, right the FOX bunch had the regulations removed. Sorry. I was being ‘woke’.

    • Seen I think Meidastouch video. Showed lady going on about being woke so the lady host asked her what do to mean by being woke. She stammered for two minutes and couldn’t come up with an answer.

  3. Responding to RainyJ: Yup, I saw the other day that side effects of Invermectin, the veterinary drug some anti-vaxers took rather than get the shot(s), have landed a significant and growing part of their numbers in hospitals….🤫😏🙄😠


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