Former Conservative Federal District Judge Michael Luttig, who was appointed to the bench by President George H.W. Bush, has again served up a major can of whoopa*s to the Mango Mussolini-wannabe, calling him out for his vicious verbal assaults on judges, their families, prosecutors and the courts in an effort to single-handedly destroy the American system of Justice in the furtherance of serving only himself and covering his more than ample and exposed posterior.

Even after his Truth Social tirades have prompted a death threat against Washington D.C. District Court Judge Tanya Chutkan who is overseeing the Orangeutan’s January 6th election interference trial and an attack on Nancy Pelosi’s home by Trump fan David DePape who posted on Facebook an article announcing the “collapse” of the Jan. 6th investiagation and Mike Lindell 2020 election conspiracy links Trump has kept up his social media attacks on the Judge of his criminal trial in the Stormy Daniel’s payoff trial, Judge Juan Merchan and his daughter, as well as the prosecutor bringing the case, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

Luttig maintains that such name calling and personal attacks on the courts and it’s officers by a defendant not named Donald Trump would never be tolerated by by the courts and that higher courts, including, if needed, the Supreme Court (hah, as if) should take action to shut drumpf’s foul mouth.

Raw Story

“Retired Judge Michael Luttig, a conservative jurist who has nonetheless become a frequent critic of former President Donald Trump, outlined the dangerous game the former president is playing by attacking judges and their families.

Writing on Twitter, Luttig took Trump to task for his regular attacks on judges and their family members, including his most recent attacks on the daughter of Judge Juan Merchan, who is currently overseeing his business records fraud trial related to 2016 hush-money payments to adult film star Stormy Daniels.

“The Nation is witnessing the determined delegitimization of both its Federal and State judiciaries and the systematic dismantling of its system of justice and Rule of Law by a single man – the former President of the United States,” Luttig began…

…”Never in American history has any person, let alone a President of the United States, leveled such threatening attacks against the federal and state courts and federal and state judicial officers of the kind the former president has leveled continually now for years,” Luttig argued.

“But suffice it to say, never in history has any person leveled such attacks and been met with such passivity, acquiescence, and submissiveness by the nation,” he continued.

And here are the Judge’s Twitter posts for any who might haves an aversion to actually clicking over to that hell site.

And finally, Judge Luttig’s link to the the video of the brave Jugde Reggie Walton speaking to this matter to CNN’s Kaitlan Collins:

I thank both these Judge’s for confronting the Mango Menace and his attempts to undermine our justice system and stir his vicious stew of hatred, self-pity, resentment and violence to further what I believe is his ultimate goal – to incite violence and insurrection after his probable loss in November.

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  1. There is a way to contact DoJ to submit a form where one can ask a question, report various and sundry violations of the law, etc. Anyone who comes to this site for info and who has not submitted a form stating their concern about former guy’s violent rhetoric, stochastic terrorism, etc. I have one question for you: why the hell not? Why haven’t you all submitted multiple complaints, reports of illegal behavior, and all the rest? Quite frankly I hope you all are drowning garland with these reports.

  2. Remember how the Supreme Court’s conservatives reacted when people had the audacity to protest outside their homes and public places they were eating following the Dobbs decision?

    Well, gosh darn it, they weren’t having any of that. They demanded that Congress pony up extra security to “protect” them from the rabble that dared disturb their “private time.”

    But, Trump-backed (and Trump-led) attacks and name-calling on judges and their families and court personnel doesn’t seem to bother the high-and-mighty cons at SCOTUS. At least, not until Trump directs his ire in their direction (which will inevitably come when the *sensible* conservatives join the liberals on the court and deny Trump’s claims of absolute immunity).

    • I’m afraid you’re assuming Trump’s immunity claim will be denied. It only takes four Justices to vote to grant cert (accept a case) BUT it takes five to have granted the stay that allowed the DC case to remain frozen until the Justices rule on the appeal. Given the soundness of the rulings of both judge Chutkan and the opinion of the appellate panel that upheld her initial denial of the immunity claim there was no reason, NONE for SCOTUS to take the case. Between case law from Nixon until this case in my lifetime SCOTUS has been clear that when it comes to criminal matters a President is subject to investigation and if charged prosecution for criminal acts while in office. Nixon I remind you took “official acts” to obstruct justice and punish enemies including use of federal agencies and resources. So after the appellate ruling a simple denial of cert would have been the proper thing to do. Justice would prevail in that the system would go along in due course for Trump as it would for anyone else. He/his lawyers could avail themselves of the trial by jury system and later the appellate courts if convicted.

      But I think optimism is misplaced for two reasons. I’ve just explained the first – at least five Justices voted to keep DC proceedings on hold, AND they delayed oral arguments until the LAST fucking day on this year’s calendar for hearing oral arguments. If, as the optimists want to delude themselves into thinking they “merely” wanted to “put their stamp” on the appellate ruling” they would have heard oral argument by now. However, they pushed it out as long as they could and my bet it that we won’t get a decision until the end of June at which they will have no choice but to issue a ruling. Well, they COULD I suppose defer it until the next term but even this group of Federalist Society fuckwads aren’t that crazy in an election year.

      What I fear is all too plausible a result is that there will be a 5-4 or even 8-3 ruling that twist, distorts and ignores all legal and common sense reasoning, and opens up the question of “official duties.” And while there will be greasy, dissimulating language involved remand the case back to the trial court level (judge Chutkan) for “fact finding” which will mean no trial. By the time the issue of “outer perimeter of Presidential immunity is ruled on again at the District Court level and Trump (again) appeals we’ll be into the fall. No appellate ruling until after the first of the year. Even if both the District Court finds Trump acted outside even the “outer perimeter” of Presidential duties the Appellate Court might feel gun shy a second time around. I think they’d uphold Chutkan again but perhaps less emphatically than they did in Jan. Either way it will go back to SCOTUS who will only then finally have to do what should already have been done – allow Trump’s fat ass to be put on trial in DC for trying to overthrow the government.

      • I think the thing the fuckwads are forgetting is this: official duties go with the current president, not just the one who lost his re-election bid. They might want to think about the power they are granting to President Biden. If trump had immunity, then President Biden has it as well. I hope he uses it well. My definition of “well” is to take the white, con, xtian terrorists off the street, make good and damned sure polling places are protected from the terrorists as well as criminal legislatures wanting to cheat us out of our votes, oh, and let’s see now, how about putting in place a rule stating presidents who lost the election in 2020 get to spend some time in a jail cell in gitmo to rethink the error of starting an insurrection.

        Unfettered presidential immunity is a sword that can, and should, cut off trump’s balls and shove them down his throat. The sword can also make sure people who lie during their nomination hearings to sit on the highest court in the land, are removed from that court.

    • I think the s.c. judges who decided women’s lives were worthless, need their homes, etc. revisited by protestors. Many, many protestors. Matter of fact, maybe not saying or moving or anything other than carrying pictures of each justice hog-tied in the back of a pickup or in a trunk with a bullet in THEIR heads. Hope everyone noticed in the terrorism porn of President Biden that WAS a bullet hole in his forehead.

      Yep. Need to do exactly this to the sc judges and trump as well. If this is acceptable behavior, and apparently it is, and if posting that terrorist crap is also ok, then payback, while it might be hell, is also acceptable. President Biden is going low-so should we.

      I want those fat-asses con xtian judges and that fat-assed mango moron scared. VERY scared. Let’s see how they like it.

      It is way past time to rise up against these con f*cks and put their asses where terrorist asses belong. Gee, a barge offshore from gitmo sounds real good.


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