Man! Little wonder even Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has thrown up his hands and said, Fuck it! We’re toast in November. has the Democratic chances of retaining the Senate in November at 72%. Thanks to Traitor Tot, the GOP has a slate of Senate candidates that are so unpalatable even McConnell has started IV’ing Kentucky sour mash.

But two really stand out, for the simple reason that neither has any real connection to the state they’re running for US Senate in. In Pennsylvania, uber rich cruise ship doctor Mehmet Oz is so out of touch, and running such a pathetic campaign that Democratic candidate Jon Fetterman is trouncing him almost solely on social media.

And in Ohio, a seat the GOP never thought they’d have to spend a penny on to retain., Hillbilly Billionaire JD Vance is running a campaign that, if anything, is even worse than Oz’s! He is campaigning on a platform of abused women staying in loveless, abusive marriages, and whining about not being in California sipping chablis and nibbling cheese. Worse yet, while being a billionaire, Vance is doing no real fundraising in Ohio, forcing McConnell’s Super PAC to prop him up.

But this weekend, Vance just personally humiliated himself in a craven act of cowardice, in a way I have never seen another candidate do in my 50 years of being hooked on politics. He made the grave political mistake of appearing on a Youngstown, Ohio stage with Trump for a rally. A mistake he now surely bitterly regrets.

How do I sum this up? The enticement of Trump appearing on stage with him in Ohio was like the Judas ewe leading the spring lamb to slaughter. What Trump put Vance through is a harbinger of things to come for MAGA candidates who are now busy scraping their websites of any Trump’s name.

As normal, the marathon rally was all about Trump. But it was all about Trump in a vicious, almost casual backbiting way. In his ranting monologue, Trump actually told the crowd flat out, Man! JD Vance is really kissing my ass these days! And alter in his monologue, Trump excoriated Vance for Saying really nasty things about me in the past, before letting him off the hook by saying I only backed him because I think he’s seen the light. And Vance stood there like a cigar store indian.

And then Trump twisted the knife. In the middle of his speech, he spoke while a video played on the widescreen behind him, the sonorous Q-Anon anthem while he spouted Q-Anon conspiracy theories, with his acolytes standing and throwing modified Nazi salutes up to him. Ohio is a conservative swing state, but it’s also a blue collar state. And JD Vance, by his quiet obeisance just let trump tie him in lock step with a far right, domestic terrorism, conspiracy movement.

The rally was a total nightmare for Vance. Even after the humiliation Trump heaped on him, Trump didn’t even ask people to contribute to Vance, instead he urged them to donate to him. There are only two positives that Vance can take from this debacle. First, Trump scheduled the rally while the Ohio State Buckeyes were playing football, so the venue wasn’t even half full. And second, on site reporting showed that a sizeable portion of the crowd were from Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, and Kansas, Trumbies that can’t even vote in the Ohio election. Minimal damage.

My best free advice to JD Vane would be that if Trump ever wants to come to Ohio to rally with him again, tell him you have an appointment with your publisher for your follow up book, Hillbilly Elegy that you just can’t break. And so, JD Vance, for being a totally spineless, toadying, subservient, craven coward, Stand up and take a bow, FOOL! 


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  1. If yertle were smart, he’d just give up on all the magat candidates and keep the pac money for non-magats and for future years. He’s not going to get these idiots elected in the general elections so why throw away the funds? Re-building the ‘pube party might be a good idea at this point starting with a litmus test with one question: did Diapers lose the 2020 election? Anyone answering “no” is not a ‘pube. Let them forma a magat party, idiots for Diapers party, whatever the fuck party they want. At this point, yertle can shoot himself in the foot or blow his whole damned leg off-I’m thinking a bullet in the foot is better but hey, I’m not a ‘pube.

    • Pretty sure everything you just described is Liz Cheney’s plan, Spike. I keep saying that McConnell hasn’t been the same since he broke his shoulder.

      • anesthesia can do very odd things to the brain, some of which don’t get better. had a supervisor who underwent prolonged surgery and lost most short term memory.

    • He can’t do that for the same reason the GOP let all those TEAbaggers run roughshod over the Party in 2010: He’s afraid the GOP vote might split enough to let a Democrat win. (This time, it’s less having the GOP vote split but the possibility of having GOP voters sit out the election.)

      He might also be concerned that withholding funds from the MAGAt candidates could lead to fewer funds coming to the Party’s national campaign programs and going, instead, directly to Trump.

      • Both those ships haven’t just sailed, Joseph, but reached their final destinations. It’s way too late for McConnell to prevent ANY of that but I doubt he understands this.



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