It’s not enough that the family of Ruby Garcia has to grieve over her death. They also have to deal with a former president who is willing to lie about her story to curry favor with his supporters. Because as most of us already know, no level is too low for Donald Trump to stoop down to. It may be the only thing he ever excels at, for all I know.

During a speech in front of law enforcement in Michigan, Trump focused on his favorite crime topic, really the only crime topic he ever talks about — “migrant crime.” As Ron Filipkowski, editor-in-chief at MeidasTouchNetwork observes, Trump continually exploits the deaths and family members of those who have died.

“Every time there is a crime, death or tragedy, trump swoops in seeking to use it for his own political ambition,” he writes.

As he talked today, he told his audience that he had called the family of Ruby Garcia, who was allegedly killed by a friend of hers who is a migrant. Trump claimed he talked to several family members who told him that Ruby’s laughter was contagious, lighting up every room she walked into.

But Mavi Garcia, Ruby’s sister, told WOOD TV8 a completely different story.

Neither the would-be president nor any member of his campaign have contacted her or anyone else in the Garcia family. She was upset that Trump was using her sister’s death to exploit all migrants.

“it’s kind of shocking why he would just bring illegals — what about americans who do heinous crimes? he did not speak with any of us, so it was kind of shocking to see that he said he had spoke with us, misinforming people. i kind of stopped watching it after i heard some misinformations he said,” mavi told the news station.

Garcia also noted that “the focus should be on my sister right now, who she was in life. I want people to remember who she was in life.”

“she was a very happy person, a very generous person,” she remembered. “she was always so happy. could light up a room.”

The Garcia family should have been able to deal with their grief in the way that we always do when we lose a loved one. But Trump stole that opportunity from them and cast them into the spotlight where they didn’t want to be.

He did this brazenly, perhaps not expecting a family member to speak up. Or maybe he’s so brain-addled that he believes he did talk to the Garcias. Either way, he’s a disgusting old man who will do whatever he can to crawl back into the White House.

No matter how many lies he has to tell.

I’ve included clips of Trump lying, and Mavi Garcia’s reaction below.


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  1. He lies. He has always lied. If he’s opening his mouth, it is to lie.

    He doesn’t care if his lies hurt people, he just lies. It’s all he does.

    • As a test. There is what Jesus actually taught, things like forgiveness, love your neighbor as yourself, welcome the stranger (he was after all a “anchor baby!), to help others in need, and even that the pursuit of wealth wasn’t a good thing in the eyes of god. The Beatitudes are quite the lesson if one bothers to read them. Trump and those who support and even worship Trump live their lives in opposition to what Jesus taught. And his (Trump’s)followers who insist on Old Testament thinking and shout about the Ten Commandments won’t even accept their “prophet” violates THOSE! Trump sent by God makes sense in its own way – he’s an easy to read litmus test that allows God to easily sort out those who will be consigned to hell (Trump and his supporters) and those who will enter the Kindgom of Heaven, those who recognize Trump as Satan’s minion on earth.

    • To show us what evil looks like. A warning I’m sure. Apparently former guy’s magat worshipers did not understand the message. The creator of the universe should have considered just how f*cking stupid con, xtian, wipipo are and how damned many would worship a false idol. The golden calf’s creators had nothing compared to donny and his magats.

      The man is a disgrace to our nation and to humanity.


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