To say Dotard drumpf’s eldest issue is delusional is a bit like calling water wet or fire hot, when descriptors only reiterate the obvious they can sometimes fall flat.

So let us say instead that Junior’s understanding of himself and his position in the world is so far removed from reality that it, like Eisenstein’s universe, may be stranger than we can understand.

Fail son commiserated with fail candidate Kari Lake yesterday on the travails of being retired from his exalted position as the son of a fake (P)resident and thrust into the role of the son of just an unextraordinary idiot and likened it to being deprived of what was his imagined “Rock Star” status.

As if.

First of all Junior, rock stars achieve that title through hard work and significant contributions to the arts through their music, not by riding daddy’s coat tails to become a third or forth banana in his always evolving and ridiculous retinue.

Rock Star my ass.

Watch and cringe:

But, but, but he’s Led Zeppelin like…

Or, maybe at least “Village People” like…


Kermit IS a rock star compared to Jr.




Perhaps getting a glimpse of her own future?

And more often, several.



Yeah but, what’s Kari’s excuse… 🤣🤣🤣

Yes, that is a conundrum.

If fail son is gonna have a net TV show he should let his guests talk more.

Let them make idiots of themselves for a change of pace.

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