People in the Twitter thread you’re about to see are making book on when Don Junior ODs. Right now the long odds are the end of 2023.

As you have read here and elsewhere, Junior denies any chemical assistance and explains that his, shall we say, unique look and demeanor are the result of being an “animated guy.”

The Energizer Bunny is animated too, Junior, but he doesn’t look degenerate. You do. I have no idea who took this video but my best instinct is that there is going to be some holy hell to pay when this clip goes viral, as I believe it will. It’s at a quarter of a million views now. Or, maybe not. Maybe it’s old hat.

I think the dark figure on the other side of the glass door is Kimberly, and it looks like the kids are gyrating along with her. Must be terrific, “Hey, we get to go to Dad’s and watch him get loaded and pass out, while Kimberly shows us the exotic moves that got her sued for $4 million bucks for sexual harassment.”

Although, to be honest, this is a much more wholesome environment for children to be in than down the beach at Grandpa’s, where there is screaming at delusional rappers, who dare to also declare their candidacy for the highest office in the land, punctuated by sidebar consultation with renowned right-wing subversives. Whatever’s going on at Junior and Kim’s house, it doesn’t look like terrorism and most likely Ivanka and Jared aren’t going to leak this to the FBI. Everything in life is relative, right?

Here’s the full shot.

I don’t know if it’s photoshopped. I have no idea. I share with you the fruits of my daily trawl through the internet and right now Twitter is becoming a very strange place to be.

I wonder who is holding the camera/cell phone. Maybe Vanessa’s lawyer?

F. Scott Fitzgerald observed, “The very rich are different from you and me.” The yous and mes, who hold jobs, or otherwise have some credibility/responsibility in the world, cannot afford to be seen in this condition. This is insulated bubble world behavior. This is what life in an adamantine echo chamber looks like. Junior is the poster child for irresponsibility and lack of self control. I wonder if he will ever join us here in the real world? I think not.


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  1. I tend to avoid the discussion of the pharmaceutical needs or choices of people I don’t even know. I have a couple few reasons for this, and one of them is that I just don’t have the necessary firsthand experience with many of the substances in question. Take your common booger sugar as an example: I finally got around to trying it a few years ago, and as I both hoped and expected, it really wasn’t my cup of meat. So whenever I see everybody laughing at how “obviously” snowed in this dude is every other week, I’m all “yeah, maybe, it’s believable, but dunno”.

    So all that said, ZOMGs that dude is clearly on a significant amount of some sort of psychostimulant. Add to that a woman in a little black dress dancing more energetically than the young kids, and you have to really ask yourself why the fuck there are young kids there with them.

    And who allowed this video to be posted to the interwebs? I am the polar opposite of a public figure, yet I still have enough judgement, even in the midst of a really wild night, to prevent that sort of own goal.

    • I wish I had the answer. How could Junior not know who was in front of him, filming him, when he made that comment? And yes, whether it’s cocaine or not, there is some kind of stimulant there. The slit eyes, the barroom tan, the puffiness, taken altogether there’s something going on.

      • Sure there’s something going on and has been all this poor schmuck’s life: he is the son of donald trump. That is enough to fuck anyone up.

  2. Junior has the look of someone who is “baked” – as in stoned out of his gourd on pot. That’s one helluva “doobie” he’s toking on. Probably somehow hollowed out a high end cigar and packed it with weed. And it ain’t the first one he’d used up before his little video. Frankly, given his girlfriend’s typical antics it’s a better solution to get through the evening than snorting lines. Having to watch her sober would be crazy enough but doing so hopped up on cocaine is insane. But maybe it’s a sign of progress towards better choices that he’s choosing to (sometimes at least) get stoned on weed instead of hopped up on coke to deal with his personal life!

    • I’m as sure as I can be that that ain’t any form of blunt. If I’m wrong and he has somehow managed to get pakalolo to burn like decent tobacco, then it turns out he’s got a marketable skill after all.

  3. He doesn’t act stoned. Pot makes you send out for pizza and consider Loony Tunes as great art ( they can be but not for the reasons Butthead thinks; the Trumps don’t get sarcasm or parody). He behaves,like someone on meth or coke. Belligerent. Loud. Motormouth. And insisting that he is right even after being shown conclusive proof that he’s wrong.

    • I think part of his belligerence is an act. He’s supposed to be the macho macho man like Daddy is. He knows Daddy is full of shit, and he knows vastly more about the guy than you or I ever will. Still, he’s locked into playing that role, because that’s the price of being born to that dynasty. I guess.

      • Oh Donnie jr. seeing you brings back the days of my scotch whisky and coke. And just to set everyone at ease. I never put coke in my scotch. I did have a perpetual sinus problem though. And I’m a somewhat expert on the chemical dependency story and Donnie jr is up to his squinting little eyes on something. I personally am betting on whisky and cocaine.

      • You forget. Donnie is the forty something guy dependent on receiving his allowance from daddy. So until the orange maggot kicks off. Donnie has to play his part. That’s why Donnie is stoned to the bone all the time so he can make good noises about daddy to keep the money rolling in. If I had to play that role I’d be stoned to the bone all the time to. Can you imagine having to praise the orange asshole all the time to get your paycheck. Uck, it’s sick and I don’t think I could do it. Probably be down in Georgia or Texas or wherever walker lives playing Russian games.

      • Do you suppose Papa Turd has stolen some of their allowance back somehow with All the coming fines and more than he can pay REAL lawyers?

        It’s probably a shitty day when DJT finally realizes how close we are to that wonderful perp walk to prison, with NO spare change OR BIG money donors , oh, and no-shows to vote for a useless failed, dumber than most rocks, fake, former so-called president … He needs to remember to bring his little Barbie Doll, (resembles Ivanka), so he can hold it while sucking his thumb at night …


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