You knew it had to happen. It was only a question of who and when, never if. A new strain of coronavirus has mutated, no surprise there. It’s name is Omicron and of course it’s being touted as not existing, and by the former White House doctor, no less, Ronny Jackson.

Jackson is still licensed to practice medicine although he shouldn’t be.

And of course the conspiracy is world wide. Every country wants to help out the Democrats with the midterms. How nice.

And here’s another loon, on Fox News where else?

Get used to it. We live in a dumbed down, anti-science version of the America that once was. When I was a kid I never met a flat earther. As a senior citizen, I’ve met quite a few. And they don’t want to talk about Galileo, Copernicus, none of that. They would rather embrace ignorance and fantasy because that’s more fulfilling somehow. At the very least, it’s easier to understand. Just listen to a You Tube video, you don’t need to bother with books or stretch mental muscles any.

And the people who push the ignorance are making a good dollar off of it. That’s why conspiracy theory is here to stay. If you can make the scared, uneducated bunnies in the shadows believe that 1) you have the answers 2) the elites don’t want anyone to know the answers and 3) for the small sum of (blank) one will be given the answers, then you can make a buck. And a lot of this is free, on You Tube and the internet. The rule of thumb there is a variation on the old poker cliche, if you don’t know who the mark is in a game, you are. Here, the rule is that if you think something is free, it’s because you’re the product being sold.

That’s what all of the right-wingers know and they’re there to make a buck off of ignorance, bias, and fear. They love Donald Trump. He is their Pied Piper and their patron saint. He showed them the way — straight to the bank.


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  1. I’m sorry but that America you’re talking about? It’s been there for a long, long time, INCLUDING when you were growing up. What’s happening now is similar to what happened when the civil rights movement got sprayed, beat up and attacked on TVs everywhere: the blinders got ripped off. No more looking away, no more excuses…it’s right there in front of you and you gotta decide what you’re going to do with it. Anyone following this quack is going straight to their doom…and every bit of it will be fairly earned.


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