If you’re wondering why the J6 hearing started so late today, one possible reason is that the committee spent the morning interviewing Alex Holder. I know, Say who?

A little background. Holder is a British documentarian. And according to his statement to the media after his appearance today, he has been filming and interviewing Trump for BBC 6 for more than 20 years.

And in the weeks before and after J6, Holder was in the White House, filming Trump and his family, including not 1 but 2 different exclusive interviews with Trump, one before, and one after the Capitol riot. And now the J6 committee has 11 hours of his rw footage.

What could go wrong? Dear Lord, let me count the ways. For starters, there’s already blowback, and this is just starting. In the first J6 hearing, they played video deposition of Ivanka basically saying her father was full of shit, and she respected and believed Bill Barr that there was no massive voter fraud. But in an interview with Holder before Christmas, Ivanka said she was telling her father to fight like hell, since there were serious fraud allegations out there. This was well after she listened to Barr. Which is it?

Next. It appears that while this guy had pretty much free rein in the White House almost nobody on the staff knew who he was! And if that sounds familiar, it’s because Trump pulled exactly the same lame shit with muckraking author Michael Wolff, giving him unfettered access. And look how well that turned out.

You can’t overestimate the fact, if it’s true, and there’s no reason to believe that it isn’t that Holder has worked with Trump for more than 20 years. Trump values relationships, mainly because he has so few of them. Sitting across from Holder would be easy and familiar for him, loosening him up.

Now consider Trump’s mentality towards the media. In the gospel of Trump, there is no such thing as bad media, there is only free media. Trump will talk to almost anybody with a pen and paper. It doesn’t matter what he says, it doesn’t matter what the author says about him, people are talking about him, and to Trump, that’s all that counts.

You can always tell when Trump is lying, his mouth is open, and there’s no meat in it. Trump literally can’t string two sentences together without lying his ass off. And when he actually tells the truth, usually he should have shut up, because it’s something he shouldn’t have said, but only says it to make himself look powerful and important.

Which is what makes these two interviews so potentially catastrophic for Trump. Since nobody on the staff knew who Holder was, it is highly likely that their interviews were private, with no staff or WH lawyers to listen in and steer him clear of the shoals. And after 20 years, Holder must be very proficient in playing on Trump’s ego and vanity to draw him out.

Who knows that Trump said in the pre J6 interview about how brilliant he was, and how intricate and ultimately successful his schemes to hang onto power would be?

And in the post J6 interview, when Trump’s fury would be at its zenith, and his panic almost palpable, who knows that Trump will say about Pence, GOP House members who failed him, the mob, or whomever he can find to blame for Fucking up a perfectly brilliant plan! And the J6 committee has all of it.

I have long said that Trump himself carries the seeds of his own destruction. Because as I’ve said, Every con man’s first and greatest mark is himself, because he cons himself into believing his own bullshit in his own mental superiority. Hearing number 6 was supposed to show Trump’s full complicity in engineering the violence on January 6th, followed by the Grand Finale in prime time. But depending on what these interview videos show, I can easily see the committee adding another hearing, just to convict Trump, possibly Ivanka, and who knows who else right from their own mouths. Don’t touch that dial.


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  1. Don’t get me wrong – I can’t wait to see if there’s actual footage or at least audio recordings of Holder’s interviews with Trump. I suspect there’s at least the latter. It’s looking more and more like he was so sure he’d stay President that he was out of fucks to give and wanted to brag on his “genius” methods for remaining in power until the day he died. So there’s that.

    But the tidbit about Wannabe Princess Ivanka caught my eye. I think it was you who recently posted an article with a picture of her testimony and there was discussion here and elsewhere she was rather less than the self-assured “Look how important I am” person she worked so hard to project to the world as her image. Washed out, uncertain, uncomfortable – pick an adjective but as team Jarvanka desperately tries to rehabilitate its public image the one thing it wasn’t was good. But she gave it the old college try in her testimony stating she accepted Bilirubin Barr’s conclusion that the whole election fraud crap was more than that – a steaming pile of dinosaur sized bullshit.

    She said that on the record. Under Oath.

    Unlike daddy she and her hubby hired competent lawyers all along and pay their fucking legal bills so she had to have been properly prepped for her deposition. Yet, according to footage shot by Holder Wannabe Princess Ivanka LIED during her testimony.


    Did she forget in the moment what she’d said during the shooting of that “for posterity” documentary her hubby had set up what she was actually going around the WH saying? Or, as is so often the case (which you have noted here and elsewhere) did she just not see/pay attention to some “little person” who she ordinary wouldn’t give the time of day if she had a crateful of alarm clocks. I’ll be the DOJ is foaming at the mouth to get their hands on the full transcript of THAT interview given there are multiple Grand Juries going on right now!

    Ivanka has played the role of daddy’s girl to the hilt most of her life. She’s used him, even teased him by indulging his sick fantasies that if she weren’t married she’d be willing to “date” (for Trump that means fuck) him. She’s pouted, stamped her feet and who knows what else to get daddums to bring her into his confidence. And now she’s on the hook for Perjury. Rich people with good lawyers might get away with what she’s done but the charges alone would be devastating. And if the case is good her lawyers will have a sweet plea deal for her (and maybe Jared too although she’d through HIM under the bus too and in a heartbeat) if she can give up serious shit on her daddy and his cronies. Which she probably can. Maybe even with receipts so-to-speak.

    If people though Wannabe Princess Ivanka didn’t look so good during her deposition just think about how she looks tonight. Talk about your “Oh SHIT! I’m SCREWED!” moments! I’m wondering if Jared has already secretly hired a separate team of lawyers to cover HIS ass if Ivanka winds up turning on not just her daddy but him.

    People bitching about their soap operas being pre-empted for these hearings are fucked in the head. A real life family drama is playing out before their eyes and it’s as tawdry and outrageous as any fictional soap opera shit. (for the record my ex-wife was a huge fan of General Hospital and man was I in deep shit if I forgot to set the VCR before heading to work each day)

  2. I have a long-shot theory for how this could play out. I know it’s probably hoping for too much. But….we all know that Trump is an empty, bitter, hateful, vengeful, narcissistic psychopath. What if, when Trump finally realizes he’s going down for sure, in a final act of revenge against the endless list of people he blames for his downfall, he just rats out EVERYBODY for EVERYTHING and blows the whole f**king Republican establishment out of the water? Family, friends, sycophants, bootlicks….EVERYBODY. I think it’s possible. Fingers crossed. 🤞🤞🤞

    • That seems less long shot and more logical outcome to me. Indeed, it shows a grasp of Trump’s psychology that too many people ignore in favor of their pet prejudices. The key point of said psychology you’re touching upon here: Trump cannot stand to be seen as lesser. Anyone who causes him to feel such, he MUST retaliate against. With the gradual backing away from Trump underway, the GOP are now becoming attractive targets.


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