This is from the There’s A Tweet For Everything file and from the Poorly Aging file. I never thought I could agree with Donald Trump Jr. on anything, but I was wrong. Junior nailed it. Even the broken clock is right twice a day, and so forth.

Another day in Trump world. Just like Alice in Wonderland, where the words mean what you want them to mean, the facts can be twisted to suit any argument you want to make. And the MAGAts are dumb enough to fall for anything their deity says.


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      • And, MAGAts possess even fewer creative thinking skills than they have critical thinking skills. No statement they have ever presented is original. Every one of their sound-bytes is a pretzel logic non sequitur, plagiarized from liberal thinkers and writers.

    • BTW, Senovio, please don’t post something and if it goes to moderation keep posting. It won’t help. And you are not the only person who does this. I’m going to have to post a notice about it. If a comment goes to moderation, leave it. I will get to it ASAP. Thanks.

      • Yes, something on SoundAndFury automatically moderates mine and I talked to the editor and she had her people check it out and they couldn’t figure out why. Luckily she knows I won’t get to far out there and just clicks mine. I haven’t talked to the new people yet. Will eventually.

        • The new people aren’t worth talking to. DSF and this site have severed all business relationships. We’re just waiting for our money and hopefully that will come. Just a word to the wise.

  1. I am not so sure Little Donny is agreeing. He is commiserating about the “unfair” experience Daddy-o is going through. I hear him saying, if he were sufficiently literate, that in the same way Clinton thought it was unfair, He thinks it’s unfair for his crooked papa.

  2. A lot of countries treat seditious cult members with a blindfold, cigarette, & a chance to meet God to straighten out their destiny.Rehabilitation? Guess they recognize u can’t change a cult.


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