I’m sorry, but I’m totally fed up. My Bullshit-O-Meter is at max factor, and yet there is no relief in sight!

For every Trombie acolyte who succumbs to Covid and from his hospital bed begs his podcast listeners to repent, two more spring up to deny Covid and demand anti vaccine compliance!

On MSNBC today, they had a segment about a far right blogger and podcaster who was pro Trump, pro Bannon, and virulently anti vaccination. And of course, the stupid fuck contracted Covid. And it wasn’t pretty. But of course, being a true Trombie, he kept on live blogging his podcast from his hospital room. And here’s where the insanity kicks in.

This stupid fucker is lying there on a hospital bed, struggling for breath, with an oxygen canula squirting oxygen up his nose to keep him breathing, and he’s talking about how a case of Covid ain’t shit! He’s young, he’s strong, he’s healthy, and he don’t need no goddamn vaccine to fight off Covid. Sadly or not, the blogger survived.

But after seeing that, I couldn’t help but ask myself, How fucking stupid are the people who watch his podcast? Here is a guy, in a critical care hospital bed, sucking oxygen through a nasal canula, one step from a respirator, and he’s trying to convince people how easy Covid is to beat!

This is the great mystery of our time. Just how stupid are Trump supporters. Here you have somebody one step away from critical life support, trying to tell people that  Covid is a walk in the park. Are these souls so lost that they can’t even see that the people that are telling them that Covid is no big deal are one step from critical life support? Just how stupid are Trump supporters, anyway?

On the other hand, here is a gal who didn’t get vaxxed because “she didn’t know enough” and she wants everybody to know the hell she’s going through. Daily Beast:

Michelle Fluegge wants everybody to see the photo of her on a ventilator during her very worst days because it shows what can happen if you fail to get vaccinated.

“If I can help even one person,” she told The Daily Beast of the picture, which shows her unconscious on a ventilator, her face pallid, the endotracheal tube down her windpipe held in place by a head strap, two other tubes inserted in her nose.

Her family always knew her as the strong and unfaltering one who never got sick. School kids in New Ulm, Minnesota, knew her as one of the stalwart icons of childhood, the lunch lady who serves the midday meal with bright eyes and a smile.

But this 56-year-old in a town of 10,000 did not heed her two grown children when they urged her and their father, Greg Fluegge, to get vaccinated. Her son, Scott, who is 36, had moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and her daughter, Linda Manyara, who is 33, was living in St. Louis. Both were in places where they could better grasp the actual magnitude of the pandemic and the importance of the vaccine.

“We had the Delta variant down here six months prior,” Scott later said of Florida. “The lines to the emergency room were insane.” […]

She and her husband and 40 percent of New Ulm chose not to get vaccinated.

“We didn’t know enough about it,” Michelle later said of the vaccine. “We were scared. A lot of people in our small town just weren’t getting vaccinated and my kids were wanting us to, but they live out of state. And, I don’t know, we just weren’t secure yet. But I really wish we would’ve. I wouldn’t have had ended up how I was.” […]

Greg found her in the bathroom and took her to the hospital. She managed to walk into the ER.

“I was weak, but I’m strong,” she said. “I remember going into the ER and into a bed. They gave me oxygen. They told me I had pneumonia in my lungs. And after that, I don’t remember anything.” […]

A helicopter was on the way to make the flight from New Ulm, but there remained a potentially fatal hitch. A man on the gurney beside Michelle had come in ahead of her and was also critically ill with COVID.

“There was an older gentleman that was supposed to take the helicopter up to Minneapolis for that ventilator,” Scott recalled. “And my mom was younger. He said, ‘If anybody’s going to survive, it’s going to be her… Don’t take me, take her.’”

The helicopter took off with Michelle aboard. She was put on that lone available ventilator and placed in a prone position to facilitate breathing. But after five days, her prospects remained grim as calculated by her “P/F ratio,” a measure of lung function in intubated patients. Hers was under 100, which is classified as “severe.”

“They basically told us she wasn’t gonna make it,” Scott said. “Her lungs were severely damaged. So we essentially said our goodbyes.”

Michelle could not have visitors due to covid, so the family had to bid her farewell via an iPad set next to her ear.

“A lot of ‘I love you’s,’” Scott recalled.

But she held on.

“We started to talk to her every day, multiple times,” Scott said.

For three days, they told Michelle to keep fighting so she could be around for her grandchildren and future grandchildren.

“And she started to turn around,” Scott recalled. “It took a while.”

Then the family received what Scott terms “the best call we’ve ever gotten.”

“The doctor said, ‘She’s going to make it, we’re going to take the ventilator out,’” Scott remembered.

Michelle has no recollection of her 18 days on the ventilator other than some hazy moments that were either just before or just after it was removed.

“Right at the end, I remember waking up. I was pretty foggy and everything, but they made me sit up and then they made me cough,” she said.

“The nurse would swab in my mouth. It was a minty tasty thing. I think I still had the ventilator on me. I’m not quite sure if I did or not, but they made me gag up this brown mucus stuff in a bag. And I watched it come out. I was so weak, but they said I had to do this. I don’t remember how many times I did it, but it felt like a lot.”

At one point, she was almost ready to quit.

“I told myself in my mind, ‘I can’t do this anymore,’” she recalled. “I couldn’t breathe. I thought I was gone, going to be dying.”

She kept on.

“And one time I must have been gagging and they weren’t ready and, oh my God, they came running to me,” she said. “I remember that part.”

This is a long article and it’s quite a saga. The simple truth is that this woman didn’t take COVID seriously because of all the disinformation in the news. This is the hell she lived through, totally unnecessarily. And it might not be over. Many people who recover from the virus are long haulers.

Insane. No other word for it. Wait, there is another word for it. Trumpian.


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  1. How stupid? On a scale of 1 – 100 about -99

    After all, they believe that the sun shines because Don John tells it to (and never mind where it shines)

  2. my sister and brother in law, now two times have contracted covid, got pretty sick both times, still wont get vaccinated. Normally educated people, still paranoid about vaccines.

  3. Methinks the Trumplers are so in thrall to their cult that they cannot allow themselves to doubt even one item of the doctrine they’re being fed … including one that threatens their very lives.
    Doubt one detail and maybe you’d start doubting others. And that would mean you might have been misled by your various heroes, lied to even, by all those icons of the cult: Trump himself, the Fox stars, Repugnican politicos and all those other followers who share your beliefs. Heaven forbid.

    • Spot on, Kevin. I do, however, take exception to the ‘panzee moniker. It’s offensive to Chimps, who are FAR more intelligent than ANY close-minded, tRump-worshipping, Cult45 MAGAt!

      Let’s Go Darwin! ?


  4. I wish I still cared enough about that question to want to answer it. At this point, I am massively indifferent. One thing I’ve been saying since middle of 2020: they get to die or get crippled, I get to live and stay healthy…fair…effing…trade.

  5. No, they have no idea how stupid they are or how stupid they sound! Dunning-Kruger effect. Also how cults work…once you are brainwashed by the lies and disinformation, you are programmed to only listen to more lies and propaganda that affirms what the cult leaders want you to believe, and to ignore and disparage anything that contradicts what you have been programmed to believe. While I would not wish Covid on anyone, I have no sympathy or empathy left for those who choose not to get vaccinated. Also, since these Covidiots cannot be reasoned with I don’t bother to even try to talk to any of them anymore.

  6. Non-vaxed sister dealing with long-term covid. She called because we got omicron two weeks ago (we talk 2X a year.) We’re all okay. Hubby/Daughter still coughing but not bad. She had Delta in October – over a month super sick. Losing hair still today. Coughs when she talks. Sister says, “I still don’t know what the long-term effects of the vaccine will be. How about those pubescent kids getting it? We don’t know what’s going to happen.” But…..she sure as hell knows about long covid! She made her choice.

    • He survived.

      Also the article states that woman was a democrat so it’s a pretty odd choice of citation in a “Trumpers are so stupid” article. Trumpers ARE stupid, that’s just a really lousy choice of reference.

  7. First these dumbasses ARE THE REASON the pandemic came to our shores & continues to this day. Everywhere that honored science & acted has low mortality. Trump knew in November 2019. He admitted ON TAPE he knew the deal in feb.2020. He DID NOTHING BUT LIE, & DENY. No testing. No protective equipment. Holding bogus covid denying press conferences. HE IS THE NUMBER ONE SERIAL KILLER IN OUR HISTORY & THE NUMBER ONE TRAITOR. Now, they keep it going while bitching about one thing or another. Also everytime they go into self destruction they are costing the health care system a million a pop, while bitching about medicaid. FUCK YOU BITCHES. My children & YOURS WILL BE BETTER OFF WHEN UR FUCKING GONE. We can’t afford for the most powerful nation to be run like Jim Jones’s deathcult.

    • I still want to know what happened to all the shipments of PPE “seized” from states by the feds, early on.
      I mean, did they hoard it for themselves? Or just resell it?

    • BINGO! Reading your post just now was like hearing all the things I’ve been screaming at the top of my lungs on Twitter for over 2 years read back to me. Glad I’m not alone in feeling this way.

      TFG should be held liable for (at minimum) criminally negligent homicide for every single SARS-CoV-2 death that occurred in the US. All he had to do was LISTEN TO THE EXPERTS. If he’d acted appropriately, there’s a decent chance that the US outbreak could’ve been contained fairly early on. And if that didn’t work out,
      having taken the steps of a true leader, advising that MASKS ARE NEEDED (not the asinine press conference announcing ‘The CDC says everyone should wear a mask. I have one right here, I might wear one. But it’s optional’) instead of politicizing a freaking public health emergency, could’ve prevented our country from having wave after wave of COVID-19. The very things anti-maskers complain about (mandates, lockdowns, etc.) would’ve been over SO MUCH FASTER if they had stopped swigging the orange Kool-Aid long enough to grasp the science behind how viruses mutate & how, the longer Covid spreads amongst the population, the greater the risk of another Variant of Concern arising. So, ironically, the very folks who can’t stop whining about all their precious ‘freedoms’ being taken away are ALSO the ones most responsible for the continual spread of the virus! Which of course is why they have so many complaints to begin with!

      And those ‘freedoms’ they holler about? I guess no one ever told them about how freedoms come with RESPONSIBILITIES. How your right to exercise your freedom ENDS when it interferes with another person’s right to exercise theirs (especially when doing so ENDANGERS the lives of EVERYONE you come in contact with!) I found it especially amusing to hear anti-vaxxers shouting ‘My body, my choice!’ over vax mandates. The same morons who think they have the right to legislate women’s reproductive rights? They fail to see how ridiculous their arguments are. A woman choosing to terminate a pregnancy effects ONE PERSON. Refusing to vax, mask & social distance has the potential to cause LARGE NUMBERS of people to get sick & potentially die. Alas, MAGAts share 2 brain cells & are incapable of critical thought. They follow tRump around like lemmings & will walk right off a cliff behind him before letting go of their shared delusion-at the entire nation’s peril.

      I say we vote them off ‘the island’. Let them follow tRump to Mar-a-Lago. Florida can secede and he can take all 74+ million Wingnuts with him! That number should include all Congressional, state & local-level pols who continue promoting The Big Lie. They can have their little dictatorship-but they don’t get to take the whole country down with them!

      -end of rant


  8. These people make my blood boil. Their Mango Messiah is himself vaxxed/boosted. If it just effected them, no problem. But my husband is a transplant recipient and no amount of boosting helps him or any other person that is immune-compromised.

  9. I have not been vaccinated yet but I plan to. As for all these morons who refuse to because they don’t think it’s that serious, they’re behaving as if stupidity were a virtue.

  10. Classic examples of Cognitive Deficit Disorder with Frontal Lobe impairment. And that’s before catching COVID, which further impairs brain function.

    Charles Darwin survival of the fittest theory in action, except these MAGATS are the least fit to survive.

    The coronavirus doesn’t care who you are, what you think. But doing things to strengthen your immune response (vaccine; taking certain foods, supplements, foods, minerals, metals that increase your T-Cells and B-Cells); and doing proactive preventive things like wearing an N-95 mask that fits tightly and using alcohol and washing hands frequently, using a UV disinfector on your mask, keys, wallet that reduces viral load of potential exposures…certainly increase your odds of not catching it and if you do catch it, reducing your chances ending up like one of these MAGATs with a cognitive deficit disorder in the hospital.

    • What??? U mean not believe what I want? Ridiculous! Funny they don’t seem to challenge the concept of gravity. Guess the earth has them convinced of that, or the ones that tried to fly off 10 stories aren’t here to argue.

  11. The woman who contracted Covid is an example of, not cult stupidity, but rather the effect of having people with valid, scientific information vs. those with nothing whatsoever AND both groups having access to media outlets (MSM, social, etc.). When media outlets allow lies, misinformation, disinformation, etc. to be put forth during a health crisis, there needs to be a way to shut them down for the duration. We are not allowed completely unfettered free speech in this country and and personalities such as bannon, liar tuck, etc. spouting lies and disinformation endangers the stupid but also the folks who are merely uncertain. No vaccine is 100% effective nor are there any which are 100% safe so uncertainty will exist regardless. What we don’t need are T.V., radio, etc. personalities spewing fucking bull-shit. Not during a pandemic. It makes what is a less than ideal situation much, much, worse. People like bannon, liar tuck, etc. would have been lynched if they had tried this bull-shit when the polio vaccine came out. I would not lose any sleep if they were lynched today.

    There is nothing we can do about the incompetence of 2020 but surely we could put a stop to the malicious lies and disinformation making this pandemic worse and one which will likely continue to plague us for years.

  12. Call ur goddamn senators, like I did tillis & burr & ask them this: if u ram fascism down our throats because ur scared of the Maga crowd, why the hell aren’t u afraid of a goddamn revolution of the majority & of US come looking for YOU???? I will honor my military oath to defend the constitution against ALL enemies, foreign & DOMESTIC. Time to phucking choose sides.

    • Amen. Both of these assholes (or their staff at least) are sick of hearing from me after years of me ripping on them and I don’t give a rat’s ass. If they’d do the right thing more often I wouldn’t be ripping them all the time! Some may say it’s a waste of time. I don’t agree.

      Author Peter Gent is best known for North Dallas Forty, but he wrote another football themed book titled The Franchise. It would take too long to describe all the characters, but one of them was a teammate who was one of the main character’s best friends. The guy was murdered by various powers-that-be including someone in league with them who was supposed to be one of their allies. “Bobby” found out and because he was going to use the info. he’d gotten was killed but “Taylor” found where his friend had hidden it. With a “just in case” note. It said – “They can kill us and they can eat us but that doesn’t mean we have to taste good. We can still stick in their craw and make em sick as fucking dogs!”

      So I make my calls and I write my emails. They might not want me as a constituent any more than I like having them as my Senators, but by grab I WILL exercise my right to call them out for their bullshit and cowardice. (And their staff too!)


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