Now granted, this is on the out of focus and grainy side. But the clip lasts long enough to where you can see Trump moving his mouth and he clearly has something wrong with it. It looks like it’s swollen on one side. His speech sounds a bit distorted as well. Dental issues? Adderall jaw? Your guess is as good as anybody’s.

At least he’s not talking like Mark Meadows about “the cabinet.” It is rather incredible that anybody sane, let alone a former U.S. congressman and former White House chief of staff would expect people to believe that Trump is really still president and running the country from a golf course in New Jersey, but there you are. This is who we are, who Mark Meadows and a certain quadrant of the GOP are, in 2021.

Back to Tangerine Palpatine, what do you think his problem is? He definitely seems to have more mobility with his mouth on one side. Mini stroke?

You’ve heard the term, “crazier than a bed bug?” That will be replaced with “crazier than a Bedbugminster cabinet meeting.”


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      • Exactly. President Obama was not supposed to happen…ever in the eyes of these fools. When he was elected the white fringe idiots came out like cockroaches after dark and got very bold with their racism. Hell, we saw in Congress F.F.S.

  1. Maybe he had some emergency dental work. However, if someone did in fact punch him in the face I’m pissed. I wanted to be at the head of THAT line!

  2. Looks like dysarthia. Anticipate Don the Con’s apraxia and dysarthria will continue to become more and more noticeable over time as his neurological decline advances.

  3. He IS the super coward and probably has an impacted tooth screaming in his jaw … his numbing performance of an idiotic, stupid fund raiser, pushes the pain out of his limited mental capacity … a trip to the dentil clinic would show weakness at a time when he NEEDS the adulation greatly …

    He has seen the floor under his feet begin the tip to that building with many doors … he is amassing millions to get out of a prison sentence that he can now envision, the anti-king to his imagined kingdumb …

    All the cattle at his mic performance think the funds are for his magical reinstatement, while he somehow slips those funds into his hopeless defense fund … waiting for the hammer to fall in the truth-finding crew in the House does wear on our patience … I would have been the one behind delliott, taking my turn with glee …

  4. Could be a dental problem, could be a mini stroke, could be he’s just having problems talking because his mouth is packed so full of lies.

  5. He often has that problem, seems to come and go, although when you’re that full of sh*t and constantly spewing BS, some of it’s bound to tie up your tongue and get stuck in your teeth. Eww.

  6. There is definitely something wrong with his mouth. It is easy to see that the movements on the two sides are different.

  7. Did Natasha,(“bring me moose & squirrel”), cash in some blackmail chips & force an extended session of oral satisfaction? Check his knees for calluses. He wouldn’t be the first to experience mouth/tongue fatigue. Who knows what she has over boris?


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