At Diamond’s memorial (Of the Diamond and Silk vlog, unrepentant Trumpers who made the MAGAs feel so much better, proof that they’re not outright racists), Silk dropped the new Q-Anon theory and said that her sister was killed by vaccine “poison.”

It goes like this. People who are vaxed against the Coronavirus or “COVID” are protected from COVID (I guess), but when the vaccine is inside us, it creates a poison that is shed off the vaxed and hits the non-vaxed and is deadly. So, for the “Q’s,” the problem has come full circle. It may help with a disease that is really just the sniffles, but there are better treatments, and it poisons people by shedding off the vaxed to the unvaxed. This was Silk’s theory.

It is not the doctors’ theory:

Lynette Hardaway, a zealous supporter of former President Donald Trump whose death had prompted widespread speculation over its cause, died earlier this month of a heart condition, according to a death certificate obtained Monday by The Associated Press. Hardaway, 51, died Jan. 8 of heart disease due to chronic high blood pressure.

A memorial ceremony renewed speculation when Rochelle “Silk” Richardson suggested her sister’s death was somehow linked to the COVID-19 vaccine. She insinuated Hardaway may have been “poisoned” by another person who had been vaccinated, amplifying the false notion that recipients can affect those around them.

In other words, hypertension leading to heart failure caused Diamond to die. The facts won’t matter. It’ll be interpreted as the poison that caused the hypertension, and thus she was poisoned by the vaccine.

It is actually sad that truly living in this alternative reality can be fatal to so many.


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  1. Is the doctor completely sure? When an obese woman of color with chronic high B.P. bites the dust, I’d think the first thing a competent doctor would point to would be vax poisoning. You mean this one didn’t think that? I’m shocked.

    I’m pretty fucking tired of these anti-vax morons. When can we sue their asses out of existence for making the lives of those of us smart enough to avoid death by disease dangerous? Unfortunately for the well-being of our country, these people are listened to by the ignorant masses and those ignoramuses in turn commit violence. These people endanger our health and lives with their stupidity and last time I looked, stupidity wasn’t a valid reason for breaking the law. Perhaps it is time to take these morons to court and lighten their loads by lightening their purses.

  2. In Lawrence of Arabia, he journeyed across the desert with his Bedouin guide, going without water as his guide did. His guide was perplexed. He asked Lawrence “are you from a desert country?” He was told no and Lawrence gave him the name of his English village. His guide asked,”is that a desert country?” Lawrence replied,” No. It’s a fat country full of fat people”. It’s a well known fact we are a fat country full of fat people. While some struggle with weight due to genetics, medical conditions, and things beyond their control, the fact is we are an obese country full of overeating, bad food choices, and lack of physical activity. Being seriously overweight not only is an early death sentence, it drives up the health care costs as does alcohol and tobbaco consumption. I, for one, won’t be shocked if her cult member sister drops early also. Choices matter. You know like believing vaccines are deadly instead of the disease they combat. Stupidity and laziness has a cost. Often it’s deadly. Denial isn’t just a river in Egypt.

  3. I’m getting tired of hearing about this person. I vaguely knew of some duo called Diamond & Silk but honestly thought it was a couple of guy RWNJ shock jocks riding Trumpism to ratings. I eventually learned it was a couple of black gals and figured it was a duo doing the same thing I thought and Trump using THEM as a “I LOVE these gals which means I can’t possibly be the racist we all know I actually am!” props. And I ignored them. Hell, I didn’t even know they were sisters until the Diamond half of the duo died.

    But like Kari Lake who I’d never heard of until the past year I’ve leaned more than I wanted to and wish I’d never learned any of it. There’s a string of such people, going all the way back to the Kardassians and Paris Hilton. Oh how I wish the news would spend much more time on people and events that matter and much less on this celebrity bullshit stuff.

  4. This is far more about the depth of the conspiracy theories have gone. Now see the Damar Hamlin one, where he died and all this is a conspiracy.

    • Evan though he’s been photographed in the hospital and since getting out, and his teammates know him well enough that they wouldn’t be fooled by a “body double” (who is never seen close up in movies/TV)

  5. Well heart disease is more of a personal choice on whether you treat it or just in her case apparently hope for the best. The problem here is that the heart disease doesn’t promote some cool deep state poisoning scam. And believe it or not. There are people that will exploit their own body for fifteen minutes of fame.


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