Devin Nunes is quite a piece of work, in and out of Congress. Thank God he’s out, although he’s still a part of the counter culture MAGA scene as Donald Trump’s Truth Social CEO.

Nunes is behind his Orange Overlord 100% .

Nunes was recently on Newsmax where he laid down the following law to the host of the show he was on. Even for Nunes this is off the walls.

I have had many conversations in my life with both felines and humans and I don’t meow at either one of them.

This is where the nuttiness comes from. It isn’t just Fox News.

This division in America keeps escalating. It might have been Republican v. Democrat at some point. Then it started being MAGA v. Normal, (to my way of thinking) two different cultures, in other words. Now, it would appear that we are two different species. Maybe we are. Maybe there is Homo Sapiens and Homo MAGA and we will one day recognize that fact.

Maybe it’s me. Maybe I’m the one who lacks humor. I think Devin Nunes sounds like a moron.


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  1. Our cat doesn’t meow – it goes ‘mwurp’
    btw – the hieroglyph in ancient Egyptian for a cat is pronounced ‘miu’ (male) or ‘mii’ (female) literally meaning ‘he/she who mews’

  2. Fun fact: cats do not use the “meow” to communicate with each other If a cat in your vicinity meows, it’s for you – you, hooman, who have somehow fallen down on tyor responsibility to meet all of the cat’s needs (and wishes.)

    As for homo sapiens and homo MAGA being different species – I don’t know how far up the taxonomic classification the distinction has to be for it not to be possible to mate and produce offspring. I’m also not positive that the sapiens/MAGA distinction cannot be produced in a sapiens through head injuries (which would not be heritable). But I would not be at all surprised to learn that there is some kind of physical, measurable difference, even if only in brain waves. We clearly do not live in the same perceived universe in which they live.

  3. The only problem here is that nobody on the left is meowing. I’m a YouTube junky and if someone was out there meowing it would be all over YouTube. That is just another right wing nut job conspiracy. And you are right. I celebrated the day nunes resigned. There never was a bigger idiot in recent memory on the right. Now we have to remember that there’s still a criminal scale out there and that’s at what around 160. The ones who voted against certification and the ones that actually participated in the crime. Jim Jordan tops that list. From what I hear on you tube. They have film on Stefanik and McCarthy helping santos with a timely loan while knowing he was lying his ass off. That was a severe ethics violation and possibly a criminal act. The people in the know say that our favorite prosecutor is looking at that also. In a just world, they will have to add on to a prison for the new arrivals coming in.


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