Shades of Dr. Strangelove. You thought it was black comedy social satire when you saw it, little did you know it was a prescient look into the future when a Republican nominee of Ron DeSantis, Ron Peri, would quote General Jack D. Ripper scripture and verse. Yes, we have arrived there. NCRM:

Last year in response to Disney criticizing his “Don’t Say Gay” bill, Governor Ron DeSantis stripped the self-governing rights from the Magic Kingdom, and followed up this year by installing his own appointees, mostly donors, to the board that controls the special district which is largely Disney World. One of the five people the far-right wing Florida Republican has placed on the board is a former pastor who thinks drinking tap water can make you gay, being gay is a weakness and “shameful,” and LGBTQ people are “deviant” and “evil.”

Ron Peri is Chairman and CEO of The Gathering USA, which The Daily Beast reports “regularly spews nonsense about ‘Christian Nationalism‘ and the decaying of local schools,” while CNN calls it “a Christian ministry focused on outreach to men.”

This is almost an hour long and I recommend you listen to that much of it only if you’ve got some good wine or weed and you want to kick back and get a tutorial in how these people think and why.

The short explanation of what’s in this tape is that the estrogen in the water is responsible for lower testosterone levels in men and the “rise” of homosexuality. There is no rise that any legitimate source can determine, there are only people feeling empowered to come out of the closet. They’ve always been there, as have the transgenders. But Peri doesn’t discern things on that level.

“’So why are there homosexuals today? There are any number of reasons, you know, that are given. Some would say the increase in estrogen in our societies. You know, there’s estrogen in the water from birth control pills. They can’t get it out,’

And what is “Pastor” Peri’s solution? Constraint.

“The level of testosterone in men broadly in America has declined by 50 points in the past 10 years,” he has also claimed. “You know, and so, maybe that’s a part of it.”

“But the big part I would suggest to you, based upon what it’s saying here, is the removal of constraint,” Peri also said. “So our society provided the constraint. And so, which is the responsibility of a society to constrain people from doing evil? Well, you remove the constraints, and then evil occurs.”

And the gays are evil, evil, so very evil.

The guy is a homophobe and a Christian Nationalist, which means he’s on Mike Pence’s side of the street. If approved by the Florida Senate he will sit on the board which oversees the Reedy Creek Improvement District.

The Florida Senate is the same body that has a bill in committee to require bloggers to register with the state, conflating them with lobbyists. If I was in Florida writing this piece, instead of blessedly tucked away in my tree house in the Mojave desert, I would have to “report” this piece within five days and then report how much money I made from it. I wondered about the money part of it. Simply, they want to know whose work is selling. A couple of dollars or a couple of hundred dollars tells you how many people read a piece. The bill is designed to shut down bloggers with a voice that’s actually reaching somewhere.

There’s also a bill in the Florida Senate to eliminate the Democratic party in Florida and one to make it easier to sue journalists, journalists being distinguished from bloggers as being the employees of newspapers or broadcast outlets.

This is how anti-American and unconstitutional it is in Florida, yet the GOP may very well put Ron DeSantis at the top of the ticket so that he can Make America Florida. We are so screwed if that man gets anywhere near the White House.

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  1. This sounds like the Google search game “Florida Man”.
    Florida, America’s flaccid penis and the only thing there is alligators and racist old people.
    Only positive effect of global climate change is hopefully it will be submerged soon.
    As I say, “Florida, it’s not the heat, it’s the stupidity”.

  2. Oh my, the video has been “taken down by the uploader” by the time I got to it just now. Must’ve generated an awful lot of negative reaction…..

  3. So, a couple of things.

    First, where does the nutjob get his water? Is he buying nothing but bottled water? If so, he might want to investigate which brand he’s drinking because a lot of “spring” water actually comes from some “tap” somewhere.

    Second, where is all this alleged research in the drop of testosterone levels over ANY period of time? I hear the same nonsense on the testosterone boosting pills (most of which are sourced from artificial sources) but I can’t ever see any kind of sourcing to back up the claims, such as “today’s man has lower testosterone levels than his father, and his father has lower testosterone levels that HIS father”–but I’m not aware of any STANDARD medical tests or physical exams in which men are subjected to in order to determine hormone levels (and certainly, very few men have access to their fathers’ or their grandfathers’ medical records including testosterone levels by which their own doctors can make a legitimate comparison). USUALLY men only get tested for their testosterone levels when they’re suffering from various symptoms that can’t be explained by other obvious diseases or conditions (flu or a cold would explain lethargy; stress can lead to a reduced sex drive or unusual hair loss; etc) but, even then, there’s not an “accepted” specific level of testosterone that ALL men are supposed to have at any certain age. There are RANGES of what’s generally accepted and they vary by age–a 20 year old man would normally have a higher level than a 40 year old man but the “normal” high end for a 40 year old is roughly the midpoint for a 20 year old while the low end for a 20 year old would be roughly the midpoint for a 40 year old. A big part of the problem is the continued pressure on “youth” but, while men are “allowed” to show physical aging, they’re facing an idea that they’re supposed to be as driven by sex at the age of 70 (or even 80) as they were when they were 20 (or younger). Erectile dysfunction has only become a “problem” because men are (lower) brainwashed into believing they’re supposed to get erections as easily and as “firmly” as they did as teenagers instead of understanding that’s NOT “natural” (and the Bible really doesn’t help with its stories of Abraham having a son at the age of 100 as well as other Biblical figures being centenarians when siring children). The emergence of drugs like Viagra which were intended to help men who had REAL erectile dysfunction (mostly in their 20s and early 30s) are now being literally abused by men who may be suffering from stress at work or are WAY over the intended age range (only suffering the natural, age-related loss of erectile performance) and they can’t accept they’re getting older.

  4. Hmmmm. if tap water causes gayness, then it wouldn’t be the gay person’s fault, now would it. No evil, just chemistry. Gee, Ron, try a touch of reasoning now and then. You are stepping on your own “ideas” (barf).

  5. If Disney were smart, with all it’s big bucks, it would picked up and make a wholessle exit from Flórida to, say, eastern North Carolina,where there is plenty of space. NC is probably the lightst red of southern states at the moment and could be a great PR move for Disney. such a move could also be the tipping point to help NC turn a solid Blue again. pissantus would be run out of FL on a rail.


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