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I wrote recently that near certain 2024 GOP presidential primary candidate Ron DeSantis was in trouble. My main point was that while DeSantis lacked charisma, personality, intelligence and morals, he lacked something else. Common sense. Governors tend to become highly attuned to their constituents, and not other state has that particular blend of politics and opinions.

But there’s another skill that largely state officials like Governor have to learn and fine tune, and they normally have to do that on the fly. And that is the skill of national party politics. And today, without even leaving Florida, DeSantis uselessly stepped on a rake, and by this time tomorrow he’s highly likely to be wearing an ice bag inside his jock.

Tomorrow is the election by the Republican National Committee to elect a new chairman. The nominees are current Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel, conservative lawyer Harmeet Dhillon, and the Mike Pillow moron. The early line has McDaniel holding on to her job, but it’s no sure thing.

Trump has not officially endorsed a candidate in the race, possibly learning that his endorsement tends to be a kiss of death in critical elections, but Dhillon’s attorney has told the media that behind the scenes, Trump is quietly whipping votes for McDaniel.

So of course, because DeSantis is a sniveling, slinking, backstabbing little weasel, DeSantis couldn’t resist coming out in a tv interview and officially backing Dhillon. And in doing so, DeSantis violated the cardinal rule of national politics, Never get involved in a power pissing contest unless you have a raincoat, and a sure winner contestant.

This was a stupid thing for DeSantis to do, for the simple reason that he just needlessly put himself in a no win situation. For someone with chops and savvy, the smart move would have been to shut up, and then suck up to whomever won. But nobody is accusing DeSantis of being a member of the Mensa society. And he proved it by saying that McDaniel was a disaster in three straight elections, 2018, 2020, and 2022. What he sneakily left unsaid was that Trump was the dominant figure in the party for those elections, not McDaniel.

Look, I understand the temptation, believe me I do. But it was brain dead stupid. Because no matter what happens tomorrow, DeSantis loses. He loses because of the simple dynamics of national political politics. I’ll explain.

Let’s just say that McDaniel wins. McDaniel is one of the most slavish sycophants Trump has. Hell, she even ditched her middle name, Romney, because Traitor Tot found it offensive. If McDaniel wins, then as much as FrankenTrump lets her, she controls the purse strings for the presidential primaries. She can short sheet DeSantis on national funding, as well as national ground campaign resources. Not a good move.

Now, let’s just say that Dhillon wins. So what? BFD. The first thing that El Pendejo Presidente did after he installed his sock puppet in the RNC Chair was to swamp the Master Council with loyal slaves. Even if Dhillon wants to cut DeSantis a break, she’s going to have a hard time doing it with the Master Council overriding her every time they think she’s going off of the reservation. She’s not likely to do DeSantis much good tactically, at best he breaks even. And he’ll have lost the Trump base, no matter what happens to Trump going forward.

Now, there is one wild card, but it isn’t much of one. There are 160+ RNC delegates voting in tomorrow’s election. The New York Times contacted every man-jackin’-one of them by phone, text, or e-mail and asked them for their vote. Only four of them gave Trump a full throated endorsement for 2024. Another 20 said they preferred somebody else to head the ticket in 2024, and 30 of them said that while they weren’t enthusiastic about Trump, they were taking a wait-and-see attitude. Nobody else answered. And remember, The Trumpster Fire stacked the deck in an effort to maintain control. Bt the majority of RNC voters are state and county delegates, over whom Trump has less control.

DeSantis was an absolute moron to involve himself in a situation where he couldn’t win no matter what the outcome. But the NYT poll of RNC voters offers a tantalizing possibility. I have often spoken of the civil war in the GOP electorate, and what affect it might have. But if the NYT polling is true, then for the first time there are signs of an actual civil war in the RNC itself. And that kind of internecine warfare could be disastrous for the national GOP going into 2024, not only in terms of fundraising, but also spending, and individual candidate support. This is going to be one election worth watching. Along with the aftermath.

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  1. Watching the internecine wars within the GQP is highly entertaining. I guess we can retire that old saw, “Republicans fall in line, Democrats fall in love,” as it’s no longer true.

    • THANK YOU!!! I’ve been saying that since 2018…Traitor Tot is tearing te party apart, and now its reached the highest echelon…



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