I hope Ron DeSantis has some actual method in what appears at this moment to be sheer madness. He’s filed paperwork this morning with the FEC, so officially he’s in the 2024 race. At 6:00 p.m. ET tonight, he will be announcing his run for president to the world. He plans to do that announcement on Twitter, in a Twitter Spaces chat with Elon Musk. Maybe this idea seemed uber hip to DeSantis, announce on Trump’s favorite social media channel that he has since walked away from, but the optics are one thing and the actual reality is something else altogether. Twitter Spaces is audio-only and very few people in the country use it or know how to use it, maybe 20%. Plus, most of those 20% are so called coastal elites and they’re the last people DeSantis is trying to rally. Logic?

Jen Psaki has a few comments and they are not laudatory, let’s just say that.

This habit that DeSantis has of being one or two steps removed from his own campaign is getting worse, not better. Here’s something that wife Casey posted. If she thought this would help, she’s in a minority thinking that. This is Ron wandering through the darkness while somebody else talks.

DeSantis is awkward, he doesn’t like to interact with people, he hates the press and today, in what should be a defining moment of his entire political life, certainly of his run for the GOP nomination, he’s planning to be MIA.

Twitter Spaces is available on iOS, Apple’s iPhone and iPad platform, and it’s available on Android. Supposedly you can find it in a web browser. Why anybody sane would put these conditions and constrictions on anybody who would want to tune in and listen to the launch speech, I have no idea.

Again, maybe there’s a method in this madness. If so, it’s not leaping out and grabbing people. The head shaking is universal today.

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  1. I couldn’t help but notice that little glass he was drinking from. I wonder… Did he “chug” it? (And used the small glass because that’s all he could chug?) Is is trying to be “regular guy” and drink a beer but doesn’t like beer so he used a small glass so as to have to tasted as little beer as possible?

    Maybe it was his attempt to make a subtle “dig” at Trump. That glass is so small he can wrap his hand around it. Makes it look like Ron has really bigly hands! Unlike say Trump! If that actually was the intent it’s gonna backfire. Trump will own DeSantis a$$ easily. At his next rally all he has to do is hold up that picture and mock DeSantis drinking a tiny little beer. Then hold up a bottle of say Jack Daniels (one where the JD has been replaced with tea colored the same as the whiskey) and pour himself a BIG glass in front of everyone! Or better still since he seems to have trouble drinking anything without spilling just unscrew the cap and drink straight from the bottle. Jack Daniels instead of water to keep from going hoarse as he riles up the MAGA goobers. And somewhere (if not more than once) in there hitting DeSantis directly with “Hey Ron DeSantis – this is how a REAL American man drinks!”

  2. He took on Disney which proves how stupid he is. He is gonna lose his battle. SCOTUS will either turn it back or rule against him because it sets a bad precedent for deregulation businesses.The Mouse has better lawyers.

    Just let it happen soon


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