Marjorie Taylor Greene is nothing but a disruption and even her Republican colleagues are getting sick and tired of her delay tactics. The woman lacks all sense of proportion and propriety. She’s in Congress solely to annoy and not to contribute anything, and her continuous calls to adjourn the House early have finally reached a breaking point. Newsweek:

After Greene, a Georgia Republican, tried Wednesday to stall the lower chamber’s final vote on President Joe Biden‘s $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package by forcing a motion to adjourn, Representative David Cicilline (D-R.I.) said he will propose a rule change to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

“I’m dead serious,” he told reporters.

The rule would mean a member can do a motion to adjourn only if the representative is a member of a committee. Greene was stripped of her committee assignments by House Democrats last month after some of her controversial social media posts resurfaced. In them, she promoted QAnon and other conspiracy theories and advocated violence against Democratic leaders. […]

Asked about Cicilline’s proposal, Greene told Newsweek: “Do you mean Rep. Mussolini? Not only did Democrats unilaterally strip away my committees, now they want to remove any powers I have to represent my district. The Democrats run the House of Hypocrites with tyrannical control.”

The woman is a complete idiot and her delay tactics are unconscionable. Greene’s latest adjournment motion, today, failed in a 149-235 vote, with 41 of her own Republican colleagues voting against it. Every time she does one of these stunts, more Republicans turn on her. Even Dan Crenshaw called it a game.


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    • I guess what it comes down to, is what it came down to in the last presidential election. Are there more sane people, who will vote for sane government, then there are Trump loonies? Same with Greene.

    • She plays Nothing well. She’s a Karen. Nothing more. She’s unqualified. She’s mentally ill. She’s also a fool. Her “constituents” are morons as well. They voted that trash in, I view them as trash as well. She, and her ilk, need to be removed ASAP.

    • She’s playing the media. Her voters may not be aware of how badly she’s “representing” them. (Her job is NOT to stop everything because they aren’t pandering to her beliefs, and then lying to everyone.)

      • Oh, she is representing her voters, but she is not representing her constituents, who include the people who did not vote for her. Her voters are happy when she throws monkey wrenches into the works, and the 78% of Republicans who approve of her monkey wrenches show she is representing them as well.

    • She isn’t doing anything well. She is acting like someone with no education and seems at a loss as how to do her job. Making light of this bimbo is exactly what needs to be done. She needs to be constantly put in her place because she is one worthless representative.

      • Problem is even though 41 Republicans voted against her adjournment motion, 149 voted FOR it. That’s 78%, and that’s a big win. She isn’t making these motions because she ever expects the the Dem-majority house to pass them. When she complains that the Dems are trying to shackle her ability to represent the constituents who voted for her, she is correct. They voted for her to disrupt Congress, and she is keeping her promise.

  1. When you are pandering to assholes by acting like an asshole it doesn’t make you cute or tough…..

    ….it just makes you another asshole.


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