We’ve all known for quite some time that Georgia Republican Congress creature Marjorie Taylor Greene is not exactly all there, whether fondling the cardboard genitals of a life sized Trump cutout, ruminating about “Jewish Space Lasers” or confusing Nazi Secret Police with a delicious Spanish cold soup, Marge has demonstrated time and again her rather tenuous ties to reality.

But it took the news of her painfully crayoned memoir “MTG”, which was published by major book maven Donald Trump Jr. And will not be available for purchases in airports to reveal the heights and depths of her estrangement from the real world.

In the doorstop MTG claims that she and a group of Republican legislators were the only representatives that stayed in the House Chamber as it was besieged by a riot of MAGA protestors and that every single Democratic lawmaker fled.

This, of course, is false as contemporaneous accounts from reputable reporters and publications that recounted how Rep. Jason Crow, a former army Ranger, was trapped with Democratic lawmaker Pennsylvanian Susan Wild and others in the gallery of the chamber after the House floor had been evacuated:

Raw Story

“Several of the Republican congressmen said, ‘We’re going to stay right here and defend the House chamber,'” Greene’s book claims. “As they began barricading the door with furniture, I noticed not one Democrat was willing to stay to defend the chamber.”

However, that account starkly contrasts with the descriptions given by Rep. Jason Crow (D-CO) and other Democrats shortly after Donald Trump supporters stormed the Capitol to prevent the certification of Joe Biden’s election win.

“They evacuated the folks on the floor but those of us in the gallery actually got trapped for like 20 minutes as the rioters stormed the stairwells and the doors,” said Crow, a former Army Ranger and Bronze Star recipient, on the day of the insurrection. “So, Capitol police actually locked the doors of the chamber and started piling furniture up on the doors to barricade them, while holding their guns out.”

“I got into Ranger mode a little bit,” he added. “Most of the members didn’t know how to use the emergency masks, so I was helping them get their emergency masks out of the bags and helped instruct a bunch of folks on how to put it on and how to use it. I wasn’t going to leave the House floor until every member was gone, so I waited until we were able to get everybody out.”

Photos taken during the riot back Crow’s version of events, and on Wednesday he strongly disputed Greene’s recollection.“

Of course the photos back Jason Crow’s version of the events, because Crow is not a conspiracy addled, Trump loving lunatic – as is our MTG.

But maybe Marge could interest Prager University in the rights to her work of fiction for the series of alt-right history cartoons they are producing for Florida schools.

They are always on the look out for fantastical lies to peddle.

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  1. Yeah, yeah, Marjie Kooky Pants is a liar and profoundly stupid. Can we move on now?

    So long as the silly twat get attention, any kind of attention, she will continue to put on a clown show for the country. Perhaps if, like a two year old, she receives no attention for her asinine behavior she will stop trying to get attention. I know, long shot.

    • Spike, please. I recommended your comment because I agree with what you said, however, using vulgar words that refer to a part of the female anatomy are offensive and detract from what you’re saying.

      • No. You’re right Piren. I tend to lose any class I might have, and it isn’t much, by using such language. Fitting or not, it’s out of line and I need to police myself.

        • Spike, I sympathise with you and with Piren: you’re both right. I’ve resolved that dilemma for myself when describing the likes of MTG by deploying those body parts which can be both pejorative and non-gender: asshole & arsehole, rectum & anus, shithead & pisshead etc etc. Note that they’re all scatalogical terms, because we all have evacuation orifices, regardless of gender.

      • Over on this side of the pond, a ‘twat’ has NO sexual meaning – it just means a total idiot who can’t keep their gob shut and let everyone know just how how inane they really are. (consider it as the superlative of ‘twit’)

    • Thanks Spike. And your reply demonstrates that you do too have plenty of class. We’ve all reached a point 🤬😤😡😖 where we say things that we normally wouldn’t.

  2. We now live in a culture where she, and the 76 million aren’t interested in reality, if they ever were. Lies and self serving fantasies are their buffer against realizing what abysmal humans they actually are.
    To paraphrase Samuel Johnson…men,(and women), become beasts to avoid the pain of being human.



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