Once again we note that Donald Trump is nothing if not predictable. Trump and Ron DeSantis were once the best of buds but now Trump has the knives out and is going to town. He intends to wipe the floor with “Rob DeSanctimonious” and it looks like he’s going to do just that.

Here’s Trump’s latest salvo. Trump is feeling very empowered by DeSantis’s major flop on Twitter Spaces Wednesday night and so now he feels he’s got the upper hand and he’s wasting no time sticking it to DeSantis.

It was a terrible night for DeSantis. That’s why Trump has lost no time digging his grave and throwing him in it.

The Lincoln Project is of the mind that DeSantis is going to crash and burn, but that it will be fun to watch. I don’t know if fun is the descriptor for what we’re about to see. I think pathetic may be closer. The plain fact is that neither Trump nor DeSantis is presidential material and this is going to be a farce watching them go at it for the nomination.

Donald Trump is going to drag us down two or three more levels, still, during the course of the 2024 campaign. Unless he’s in prison first, and that possibility certainly is looming.


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  1. I was having a lousy day until I heard that the monster Alex Jones was sentenced to 18 years for his actions during that “Peaceful tourist visit to the Capitol on J6” I’m sure there’s room for one more fat, orange Nazi, fingers crossed it will come, sooner than later.


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