A lot to unpack at yet another crazy Trump rally, this time in Caspar, Wyoming. Donald Trump came here not to praise Liz Cheney, but to bury her. Whether he succeeds is going to be an interesting proposition. I feel very safe in saying that if a number of Democrats have to change their party affiliation for a short while to vote in the Republican primary, that they will do so and change back.

That is a handy dandy law and so far as I know it is still in effect in Wyoming. It is a law that may go into effect in Nevada as well. I signed a petition for same in the past six months.

Trump took to the stage at 4:00 p.m. local time. Here are the usual bat guano low lights.

That was whacked out and so is this.

And they’ll be belly laughing in Beijing over this one. This is Trump the urbane, Trump the world weary. This is a stupid person’s idea of what a person with a comprehension of global politics sounds like.

You knew this was coming.

And for the nth time, Trump goes off about his freaking crowd size on the day of the insurrection. If anybody here is a psychologist or psychiatrist, pipe up. We’re all dying to know the source of this fixation.

How about we tell Trump that half the country was there, okay? How about we say, over 165 million people were there, either on foot, lining up and down the eastern seaboard and back into the country as far as Kansas.

Let’s tell him that they were floating on the Potomac, flying overhead in helicopters, planes, balloons, you name it. Let’s swear that they were standing with magnetic boots all over the International Space Station, watching Trump’s speech on Dick Tracy-esque wrist phones. Fine, let’s give that to him? What will that achieve?

This is like the code to a mystery. If we only can find out WHY the crowd size is so important to Trump, we will have figured something out and the plot of the story will be furthered.

There are more clips if you want to see them, on Twitter, but you’ve gotten the general flavor. I hope Harriet Hageman is finished in politics soon. I find myself hating her even more than I hate Lauren Boebert, the reason being that Hageman is an educated woman, like Elise Stefanik. Dummies selling out to Trump makes complete sense, educated people doing so is the death knell sounding in this country.

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  1. He’s so expressionless that I think he’s bored. Someone take him home and get him an Atari console with games for him to play.

  2. “What’s more fun than a Trump rally?”
    Now let me think – swimming in the Arctic Circle, breaking up a cat and dog fight, draining a septic tank.
    No doubt I could think of some more but I’ll let it sit there


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