I’ve seen this reported by multiple outlets so I’m taking it as true.  We found out the audience for Trump’s CNN “Town” Hall was actually screened so there’d only be Republicans, and “Independents” albeit ones who’d supported Trump in the past.  Unlike Trump who as we know has no respect for rules the audience comported themselves in accordance with the instructions they’d been given before Trump came out.  Those who wanted to applaud could do so and those who didn’t like what they saw/heard sat on their hands.  Now, even though told to limit “support” to applause Trumpkins in the crowd showed themselves to be Trumpkins by going beyond what those rules allowed.  And gave verbal support too.  Including mocking E. Jean Carroll when Trump lied about and defamed her again.

Here’s the thing.  The overall initial impression that went out to the country both those who watched live and those who saw talking heads later in the evening got the impression that Trump went over “bigly” well with his hand-picked crowd.  That it was the polite (?) version of a MAGA rally with people dressed up some.  And leaving the MAGA gear at home BUT they were all “like totally in to Trump and his performance.”  Given that one can be forgiven for Wed. night and much of Thursday getting the impression Trump had not just gone over well but “reset” himself as THE Republican Party and conservatives out there better accept it and get on the Trump Train.  Like right freaking NOW!

Except there were a handful of suggestions from various folks the audience didn’t actually display unanimous, full-throated and total devotion to Trump.  Say what?  Some people not only didn’t applaud Trump, but didn’t like the whole thing.  Some even expressed disgust at Trump!  Such reports were kind of a blip on the news radar yesterday but today, and as the day has gone on things have started to snowball.

Turns out a significant number of attendees at the Trump cocktail party style rally Town Hall were turned off by Trump and the entire event.  It’s just that they respected the rules that had been laid down before things got rolling.  And the country was none the wiser, again providing Trump a chance to make a false first impression that will never be completely erased from the minds of his supporters.  Just imagine, knowing going in that the audience had been screened to be what it was and hearing groans from them, or even jeers and boos!

Sadly, in yet another hit to their credibility and also a big addition to their already considerable level of shame it turns out CNN wasn’t just a willing partner in “coaching” they audience to make sure only support for Trump was shown, THEY were the ones who gave the audience their marching orders.  Oh, they’ve tried to say they didn’t push their instructions all that hard but come on!  These were Trump people, even the “Independents” and they got the message loud and clear.   Which was offer all the support you want but keep your mouths shut and don’t show an ounce of disapproval until well after you leave not just this auditorium but the college grounds.

Still, word got out.  And bad as they’ve already made themselves look, CNN looks even worse (hey, things can always get worse) than they already did.

Anderson Cooper and others at CNN have been talking “silos”, tut-tutting folks about insisting on creating and existing in one.  Yet the other night THEY created a silo!  One of an audience that was totally supportive up Trump and they broadcast their LIE live to the entire country.  And the world by the way.  Reaction from abroad can at best be described as concerned.  Cooper and others at CNN can take their silos and shove them up where the sun don’t shine.  Sideways.

Oh, one last fun fact.  According to Neilson Trump’s CNN Town Hall got 3.1 million viewers over the course of the seventy minutes the event ran.  Last summer Biden had his own televised Town Hall, and a real one in front of an audience that included detractors as well as supporters.  And Biden drew 3.7 million viewers!  At some point Trump will learn Biden beat him again.  I’d recommend staying well away from wherever the hell he is right now because when he finds that out the explosion will be enormous!

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