Think of Trump world as a castle with a moat and the moat is filled with alligators. Then there’s another moat further out, filled with legal sharks and weary judges, exhausted from the effort it takes to uphold the rule of law when defendants on high profile cases are doing everything in their power to dynamite same to keep themselves and their cronies out of prison. One such crony, Trump ally Kenneth Chesebro had safely negotiated from the sharks/judges moat to a dry place. But now he’s been caught in a little white lie that actually has turned into a big black one and which may catapult him straight into the mouths of the alligators. And that would be very bad for Donald Trump.

On Monday, the architect of Trump’s 2020 fake elector plot was discovered to have been lying to Michigan prosecutors about his social media presence at the time, hiding the presence of an account with dozens of posts that reveal his role in the plot and  illustrate a far more aggressive election subversion strategy, according to a CNN investigation.

In a recording of Chesebro’s interview with Michigan investigators obtained by the outlet, Chesebro repeatedly denied having any social media presence or alternative identities online, claiming he didn’t do “any tweeting.”

But attorneys for Chesebro have since confirmed the presence of one such hidden ID to CNN, after the outlet tied the anonymous account—BadgerPundit—to the Trump ally via matching “biographical information regarding his work, family, travels and investments” and its notable interest in the Electoral College process.

This is a big deal. The tweeting in question was not sharing cat videos and other innocuous forms of social media pleasure. We’re talking about a situation where the overthrow of the United States government was being discussed. Take a look.

“You don’t get the big picture. Trump doesn’t have to get courts to declare him the winner of the vote. He just needs to convince Republican legislatures that the election was systematically rigged, but it’s impossible to run it again, so they should appoint electors instead,” wrote BadgerPundit on November 7, 2020, the day after the majority of U.S. media outlets called the election for President Joe Biden.

That could mean bad news for Chesebro, who struck a plea deal in Trump’s Georgia election interference case and has so far managed to skirt charges in other states impacted by the fake elector scheme thanks to his cooperation with prosecutors.

“Chesebro appears to have pursued a legally perilous path in his dealings with Michigan authorities,” Ryan Goodman, a law professor at New York University, told CNN after reviewing some of Chesebro’s posts, noting that the cover-up could put Chesebro “at great legal risk.”

At the very least, he’s now been caught in a lie and lying to federal investigators under oath is a crime. So what are Chesebro’s options? Cut another plea deal would be the best thing. He put the first one together to save his own neck, right? Right. Then that begs the question of how do you cut another deal and the first logical answer is to proffer information that has not been offered into evidence to date. Or, along the same lines, to corroborate information that has been offered into evidence.

And who might that information adversely affect? If you said a 350 pound cotton candy coiffed spray tanned serial liar, you are on the right track here. And naturally Trump is the first one to worry about what Chesebro might do next.

And make no mistake, Trump isn’t the only one who will be negative impacted. It’s very likely that Chesebro could help hang John Eastman, others who were implicated in the fake elector scheme. I daresay Ginni Thomas is not sleeping so soundly right now, this story having broken just yesterday.

This is a massive development. It’s been underplayed in the news cycle because all the dramatic focus is on Fani Willis being disqualified or not. But make no mistake, this is biggy. And a lot of people are sweating right now that weren’t sweating prior to Monday’s revelation.


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  1. Another lying liar suffering a “gotcha” moment.

    BTW, when is ginny going to be investigated, indicted, and hopefully jailed for her part in this treason?

  2. Geez another example of a rich white attorney breaking the law…and is he sitting in lockup? Of course not! EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER LAW! Sure. And Santy Claus is living at the north pole.


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