With those four words out of Fulton County DA Fani Willis’s mouth in an Atlanta courtroom today, Traitor Tot’s hair stood straight out, regardless of how many gallons of hair spray he had on. His spray tan started dripping like Rudy Giuliani’s Miss Clairol. The Ghoul Man immediately called Sidney Powell to ask her if her law license was still good, and is she looking for work. Mark Meadows is joining a traveling carnival to sneak back down to his registered address in South Carolina, where nobody will look for him. And Lindsey Graham is stocking up on end of days meals, and preparing to barricade himself in his Senate office.

Normally in these articles I like to say that I’m starting an official indictment watch! But I’m not doing that this time. Simply because I’m not at all so sure that we’re actually see indictments in the Fulton County case. I’ll explain.

If you’re a prosecutor, the words grand jury mean one thing to you. A fall guy to blame if your case turns to shit down the road. You show them your evidence, they say sounds good, and issue indictments, and if your case falls apart it was the stupid grand jury. Grand juries issue indictments, it’s what they do.

What was it that Willis said? Charging decisions are imminent. She’s mixing apples with oranges. Grand juries issue indictments, but the vast majority of criminal cases in this country never see the inside of a grand jury room. The prosecutor evaluates the evidence and witnesses, and if they feel the case is strong enough, they File criminal charges. Now do you see why my whiskers are twitching? Willis’s syntax is very ambiguous.

But for a perfectly good reason. Willis has already had her case before a grand jury. But because it was a special grand jury, overseen by the chief judge in the state, it was not empowered to return true bills of indictment. Instead the grand jury issued a final report, which included charging recommendations.

Put yourself in DA Willis’s shoes. You just spent 8 months parading evidence and witnesses in front of the special grand jury. They’ve already given you a list of charging recommendations based on your evidence. They already told you what  you’ve got. Why waste another month in front of a different grand jury just so they can rubber stamp the first one? Treat the special grand jury’s charging recommendations as the equivalent of true bills of indictment, and just file the charges on your own!

Personally, I think that DA Willis wants to move on this case. NOW! She’s frustrated that she had to waste eight months on a panel that couldn’t even indict. But they’ve done the next best thing. Move now, and get these shitheels into the legal system before Traitor Tot can start screaming Election year witch hunt!

That’s why I’m not declaring an Official Indictment Watch. Because I don’t think we’re going to see them. Willis is going to take the thumbs up that the special grand jury gave in their charging recommendations, and just file them in court herself. What we have here is an Official Criminal Charges Watch. Fire up the Orville Redenbacher.

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  1. I watched part of her presentation in front of the judge. She was bristling with pent up fury. I took it as her telling the judge don’t fuck up my case by sending the info public so defense attorneys can cry foul because the public will be prejudiced and trump can’t get a fair trial. I also thought she implied she wasn’t against transparency at some point but now isn’t the time. Maybe I misread her but one thing came across clearly…she’s a lady not to be messed with. She wasnt intimidated by the judge at all. If I were that bag of orange pus, I’d be making plans for a penthouse in another country with no extradition to the US. Maybe no one wants his sorry ass. Tonight isn’t going to be a good one to join him for dinner. Watch out for flying plates of food!

  2. It is not the Chief Judge of the State and she cannot just charge “them” on her own. It must go through a regular Grand Jury but the fortunate part is that that grand jury has a special report signed off on by the Chief Judge of the Fulton Co. district, a process that can happen in one day.

    • Here in Rhode Island crimes can be charged via indictment or information, depending on the crime. Indictment is issued by a grand jury whereas informations are issued by the elected attorney general.

  3. “Charging decisions are (only) Imminent,” if Willis has decided it’s a lost cause, and her decision is not to press further for indictment. Otherwise, it must go through another, regular grand jury in order to arrive at an indictment. I don’t think she can bipass that. So, I would not find what she said today to be an encouraging statement, unfortunately.


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